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There are reasons why babies don't sleep

No "difficult to coax", only "will not coax"

By Shi WeiPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

It seems that putting your baby to sleep has become a daily necessity for moms and dads, but more and more parents are finding that their babies are not as good as they were when they were young, and it is simply getting harder and harder to coax. Sometimes they don't sleep, and sometimes they love to wake up. However, the baby's sleep is directly related to the baby's growth, how to put the child to sleep?

It is too difficult to put the child to sleep

Bobo was recently distressed because her child is too difficult to coax! I have tried many different methods, but the child seems to be "on purpose", the mother is "one foot higher" and the baby is "one foot higher". It is a trick, how to coax the mother does not sleep, especially at 1:00 to 2:00 a.m., suddenly wah wah wah on the open cry, so noisy that the elderly have to get up to eat sleep aid drugs.

The husband of Bobo said that the child must be with Bobo because Bobo always likes to be sentimental when she is pregnant. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

The mother said: "There is a reason why children do not sleep, there is no difficulty to coax this one. You just don't know how to coax."

How come the child just can't be put to sleep?

Many parents in the child to sleep, can be described in a variety of ways. But children just "do not buy", how to coax do not sleep, but worried parents. Babies don't want to sleep, but there are reasons.


▼Children always like to hold their children, which makes them "dependent"

Now the quality of life is getting higher and higher, the original spoiled generation has now become other people's mothers and fathers, food, and clothing, more elaborate than their childhood, and the child is more valuable. In the arms, looking at their lovely baby, simply like it to the point of no return, can not help but kiss and kiss, look and look, is not enough kiss, look enough.

But by doing so, it is extremely easy to make the baby dependent on the parents, once you let go, the baby will not be accustomed to the way to cry, looking for him to adapt to the feeling.

This is because the baby's innate body perception is very keen and can feel itself change from the parent's arms to the baby's couch. The temperature of the parent's arms is different from that of the surroundings, and the baby will wake up immediately when he feels these differences.

▼Baby sleeps enough during the day, but not at night

Newborns are supposed to sleep a lot every day, even for a particularly long time.

Many parents take it at face value that their children should sleep more, but there is a limit to what they can do. Whether it's day or night, let your child sleep and sleep and sleep. "A long time" is certainly a scientific statement, but "a long time" in the end refers to how long, uncontrolled baby a "sleeping beauty", too much sleep during the day, the natural spirit of the night is strong The baby is not sleeping.

Baby does not sleep parents do not need to rush, there are tricks to put to sleep

Trick one: give the baby a comfortable sleep environment

Such as light, sound, etc., are environmental factors that can affect the child's sleep.

Before going to bed, adjust the light to a moderate brightness. You can pull the crib closer to their own so that the child has a sense of security.

When the baby sleeps, parents who do not coax their children try to wear headphones to watch TV or play games, and speak as low as possible, to create a comfortable sleep atmosphere for the baby.

Tip 2: Let your baby get used to the temperature change from mom's embrace to the crib

If the baby's father is accustomed to the temperature of the mother's embrace and then transferred to the cot to sleep properly, do not leave immediately first and let the baby pull the mother's hand in the crib.

If the baby suddenly opened his eyes, the mother can not leave the baby's sight, and the baby felt the temperature of the mother's hand, eyes also see the mother, you can relax and sleep at ease, and so the child fell asleep, and then the mother quietly squinted away.

The third trick: the use of "sleep music"

Before going to bed, you can put on some soothing and gentle music, you can also put on some "white noise", like the sound of waves, wind, rain, etc. This child gets even, continuous sound is white noise.

These sounds can be soothing emotions so that the baby sleep.

You can tell your baby a little story before he or she goes to sleep, or say good night to your baby so that sleep also has a "sense of ceremony". Establish a sleep routine and develop a good habit of falling asleep. When your baby gets used to it, he or she will fall asleep naturally.

In addition, try to separate eating and sleeping. Some parents are used to putting their children to sleep with milk, but doing so will not eat well, or sleep well, parents are also tired, but also broke the law of sleep, the child is naturally not easy to coax.

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A city hospital obstetrics and gynecology doctors to answer this question are as follows.

This situation is usually a child who is frightened. Frightened children will generally have depression, loss of appetite, and restless sleep at night.

If other possibilities are ruled out and the child is determined to be frightened, the doctor suggests that the parents, "gently caress and hold the child or walk around, holding the child and rocking him or her on the axis of the parent's body. Pat the child more, touch the child, use intimacy to make the child feel safe, and naturally fall asleep quietly."

Coaxing children is not an easy task, but what generally a certain rule, different children, the situation is different, need to be based on the specific circumstances, "the right medicine", so that the baby sleeps at ease, the parents with peace of mind.


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