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The secret to a long and happy marriage

Does it sound hard? Not so...

By Shi WeiPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
The secret to a long and happy marriage
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Do you still remember that moment with your husband or wife when you vowed before the altar, in sickness, and in health, for better or for worse, to protect your marriage vows until death? Part of it? Good for you both, if you still hold on to those fearful vows you made when you got married. Unfortunately, some couples happen to file for divorce at an alarming rate for different reasons.

So, why are so many couples separating today? Many reasons can be stated, but the most important one is the lack of love and trust for each other in their marriage. All problems stem from this reason. If you do not love him/her, how will you trust your partner? How will you love him/her if you don't trust him/her? These two questions will lead you to the very critical question, "How will I save this marriage and make it happy for a long time?"

This is not a new question for every couple. Before they got married, they were asking precisely the same question. But this time, it's pretty serious. Remember, you vowed before God that you will love and care for each other until you lose your life, even after death.

As mentioned earlier, the best motivation for couples to divorce is a lack of affection and trust. So what steps will you take to take care of or in case you misplace your relationship, return it to you?

The first thing to do is to have open communication. One of the many reasons for lack of faith is poor communication. As an example, you may not reveal your shortcomings to your accomplice, even though she or he has observed them. His or her first thought is that you no longer believe her because you didn't reveal your problem.

Find ways to open your communications. Make it a habit to talk every night before you go to bed. You may be able to confide in your companion about what happened while we were talking or yesterday. Let your companion know that you want her or him to be involved in all that you are going through, especially if you are having problems.

Another is to make sacrifices in certain situations. This can be one of the secrets and techniques to having a happy and lasting marriage. Both of you need to be ready to put complicity in your happiness above the individual.

In some cases, small problems can become big problems if you act like you are the boss of the relationship. You need to learn to provide how a happy marriage will make your partner feel good about your relationship anyway. For example, you can volunteer to do the dishes after dinner. If you are willing to do these little things for them, just look at the smile on your spouse's face. In addition, it shows that you care about your partner.

Keep an eye on your finances. If you are not careful with your finances, it could very well ruin your marriage. When there is a monetary crisis, it is crucial that you both need to discuss the issue so that you are aware of the situation you are going through and find a solution at the same time. Working together in this particular situation will make each other feel like each of you is an integral part of the choice process.

There are many variables to save a marriage. Remember that love and trust will bind you together. Make each other aware that you both can keep working on all of these areas to ensure that your marriage is happy and lasting for the rest of your lives.


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