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The hiccups I encountered in my life turned out to be related to not knowing how to dress

by Holy horse 2 months ago in children
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Baby mother after the birth of a baby emotions

The hiccups I encountered in my life turned out to be related to not knowing how to dress
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A while ago, I went to see a girlfriend and found that she had always been generous and casual, but began to take the delicate route. She used to be a white T-shirt and jeans plus sneakers, but now she's trying fishtail dresses and high heels. I laughed at how she suddenly changed her sex, knowing that we had advised her to put the effort in this area, but she refused one by one, reasoning that "I am the kind of person, who does not need to prove to others". The result is that the girlfriend sighed and said, she found that after the birth of her own life so bad, life has encountered small and large hurdles, and do not know how to dress up a very close relationship. After hearing her out, I nodded my head and thought it made sense.

"There are always people who underestimate me because I don't know how to dress."

The company has a lot of respect from colleagues. But all of this changed after she quit her job and went home to bring up a baby full-time.

Not only do neighbors always ask her again and again how not to go to work, stay at home enough money to spend, and so on, but even before they do not know, together with the baby mother chat she will be cued "you always stay at home, not afraid of the husband outside what trouble?" Even on the spot to teach her the "husband technique", listening to her diaphragm.

And often people comment on what she wears for her children, with the things that are not good, tell her what kind of brand is the brand, and tell her "poor can not be poor children" and so on, let her heart up tired "when I have not seen it?"

In addition, after her child started kindergarten, she wanted to make some friends with her parents, but she often hit a lot of nails. Sometimes, she would see the arrogant look on the other side before she could talk to them for a couple of minutes. The children were also reluctant to let her take them to and from school. The girlfriends have never understood why, until there are always kind aunts who send their children's old clothes to their children, the girlfriends know that it is their casual dress and out-of-shape body so that others seriously underestimate the economic conditions of their family, their own is looked down upon.

A good external image can give confidence and bottom line

Like my best friend, I always thought it was superficial to focus on external dressing, but real life always gives us a hard blow: in today's fast-paced world, no one will take the time to get to know your heart, they always dress up to build a quick first impression of you.

I don't know if you have such a feeling, when you put on a fine quality of clothing, and then painted with exquisite makeup, confidence will be born, outsiders to your attitude are also extra respectful and respectful. And when you are dressed in casual clothes or even wearing too loose or even look sloppy clothes, others tend to be less polite and do things not very smoothly, this is why?

Because your external image will tell others, you are a kind of person. The bloated body, and casual dress, will make people feel that your life is embarrassing, and the whole is in a state of self-loathing, the heart does not realize that there is contempt, natural respect for you not up, and things are not smooth.

Many moms have the energy to primp themselves before giving birth to a baby, but after giving birth to a baby for comfort and convenience, often the baby is the focus. Be sure to pay attention, no matter what time, you can not give up body management and appearance cultivation. This is not only to make a good impression in front of others, but also an incentive for yourself to have a motivated mind in the trivial daily routine and get rid of the grease attached to your body. Once you focus on the external dressing, you will find that the whole person has entered the positive energy cycle, the essence of the child is different.

After the birth of a child, you can still care about dressing yourself?


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