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Swing! Swing! Swing!

About a little boy who had an obsession with the swings, yet left some golden moments in my heart to treasure forever.

By Carol TownendPublished 12 days ago 3 min read
Swing! Swing! Swing!
Photo by Kaleb Kendall on Unsplash

Swing! swing! swing!”

Those were the words of my two-year-old grandson as we headed to the park whilst on holiday, every single time we went past them.

“Weee! weee! weee!” he cried with excitement as we pushed him on the swings.

When it was finally time to leave the park, he screamed and screamed then threw himself on the ground, and pretended to go to sleep. We were holidaying at Seashore Holiday Park which is a caravan park where I have some very emotional golden memories of my childhood, and my own children growing up.

However, this holiday was special. It was the first holiday I had ever had with my young grandson and granddaughter.

We took him to the entertainment complex to see a show where the characters do funny things and glow in the dark.

He was completely engrossed in it, laughing, clapping, dancing, as was my granddaughter who was only still a baby!

All of my memories came flooding back to me from all the happy holidays spent with my own children in the park. Yes, we had some bad times too, though my grandchildren reminded me that all the good times we had as a family on the park outweighed the pain and heartache we had been through.

My daughter and her children were only able to spend a short time with us in the park.

This was the first time I had seen my grandchildren in a while, and I don’t see my daughter too often now so I was determined to treasure every moment.

I bought them little gifts and meals, gave plenty of hugs, and took the children for a little while so that my daughter could have some much-needed time for herself.

Many people often tell me I take on too much when it comes to my grandchildren, but I am only 47 years old and I am young enough to enjoy the pleasure that comes from being a grandparent.

My daughter might be a mum herself now, but sometimes, she still needs time to herself. It is important for parents to have time out so that they can also take care of themselves.

The holiday evoked some tearful moments as I remembered the tantrums, tears, and good times of my own children during our own holidays in the park. However, one thing that every grandparent needs to know:

Just like your memories of parenting are to be treasured for life; your grandparenting years are also memories to be treasured for life too. Enjoy every moment of watching your once son or daughter be a parent, and enjoy watching your grandchildren grow up, even if you don’t see them often. Beautiful memories are not just created from parenting. Beautiful memories are created from being a grandparent too.

Note from the author: This story was written as a memoir of my first holiday with my daughter and my grandchildren. First-time holidays with the grandchildren can evoke treasured memories from your time as a parent. Beautiful memories are created from the years of parenting, but grandchildren are just as special, and every moment spent with them should be treated as a blessing and not a curse. I don't get to see my grandchildren very often, but I love them all the same. When I do get to see them; I like to observe and treasure every moment I spend with them.

There are moments in life that are meant to be cherished and not forgotten.

This article was originally published in Illumination, and written by the author of this story. The bottom note is not in the original by the author but has been added as an addition to the story as additional information for readers on Vocal.


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  • Canuck Scriber12 days ago

    Great story!

  • Nice article ❤️💯📝✌️

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