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Story Of Selfish Friends


By Sophia LovePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Story Of Selfish Friends
Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

Friendship of a horse, cow, goat and rabbit. A farmer lived in a village. The farmer had a cow and a horse. Both the horse and the cow used to go together to the nearby forest for grazing. A washerman lived in the farmer's neighbourhood. The washerman also had a donkey and a goat. The washerman had also left them to graze in the same forest. While walking together, the four animals became friends. They used to come to the forest together and after grazing in the forest the whole day, they used to leave the forest together in the evening. In this way a lot of love had developed between them.

A small rabbit also lived in the same forest. When the rabbit saw the friendship of the four animals, he started thinking – “Let me also make friends with them.” So it would be good if I become friends with such big animals, then even a dog will not be able to trouble me. Now the rabbit started coming to those four again and again. He would jump in front of them and graze with them. Gradually he became friends with all four of them. The rabbit was very happy, now he thought that his fear of dogs was over. Now no dog can bother him.

One day a dog came into that forest and ran after the rabbit. The rabbit ran to the cow and said – “Mother Cow, Mother Cow!” This dog is very evil. He has come to kill me. You kill it with your horns. The cow said – “Rabbit brother!” You have come very late, it is time for me to return home.

My calf must be hungry and calling me again and again. I am in a hurry to go home. You go to the horse. The rabbit ran to the horse and said – “Brother horse! Horse brother, I am your friend, we both graze here together. Today this evil dog is after me. If you carry me on your back I will be saved.

The horse said – “You are right; But I don't know how to sit! I fall asleep while standing. How will you climb on my back! These days I have a lot of pain in my legs. I can neither run fast nor stomp my feet.

Disappointed with the horse, the rabbit went to the donkey. He said – “Friend donkey! You kick this sinful dog. Only then my life will be saved. The donkey said, I return home every day with the cow and horse. Both of them are going, if I do not go with them and stay behind, my master the washerman will run with a stick and beat me to pieces. I can't stay here anymore.

At last the rabbit went to the goat. As soon as the goat saw him, he said - "Rabbit brother!" Please don't come here! The dog is running after you, I am very scared of it. You don't come here.

Disappointed from all sides, the rabbit ran away from there. While running, he hid in a bush. The dog searched hard for the rabbit, but could not find the rabbit. When the dog went back the rabbit came out of the bushes. He looked around and took a sigh of satisfaction. The lesson we learn from this story is that we should not trust others too much because too much trust causes sadness and always makes you sad.

You should help yourself and always be ready to fight bad times. Hope you liked this story. thank you


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