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Story Of My Life

Based on True Story about Me

By Chevz MunandarPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I was born in a village located in West Java Province - Indonesia.

I was born in a family that was complete and well off.

My parents always pamper me every day and take good care of me.

Whatever I want, they always give me.

I feel like I am a lucky child to be born in this world.

Shortly after I entered grade 1 of elementary school, everything started to change from here.

My father died due to illness, since my father died my father's family has been away from us (my mother's family).

Our family's economy declined drastically.

My mother worked in place of my father in downtown Jakarta at a supermarket/convenience store.

I am looked after by my grandmother.

Several years after my father died, my mother married another man.

This man was very different from my father, he was angry, often quarreled with my mother.

When I entered junior high school, my mother and stepfather separated.

From that marriage I have a younger sister.

To support and finance me, my mother returned to work in the capital city of Jakarta.

This time my mother went with my grandmother and sister.

Meanwhile I was left with my aunt and uncle.

My days are so sad, because I am far from my parents.

It didn't feel like 3 years passed and I entered high school.

This time my mother came home and remarried my old stepfather.

I thought I would be happy, but everything was worse.

Our economy was difficult, until my mother sold the house my father left behind.

We lived at my stepfather's house.

As time passed, the money from selling the house ran out, because my stepfather didn't work.

Finally my mother worked in a factory, to pay for my school fees.

My mother and I have great hopes that one day I can become the backbone of the family, replacing my mother.

Time passed and I graduated from high school.

I thought it would be easy to find work, but everything is different.

In Indonesia it is difficult to find work, there are many rules and many policies.

If we don't have money and insiders, we can't work.

3 years I was unemployed after leaving school, I was very ashamed of my parents.

When I'm older, I'm still a burden on my family.

Soon the time came when I got married.

But everything is getting more difficult.

My mother is getting more difficult and my family is getting more difficult.

I tried all the ways to work, but God still hasn't given me results.

So far I have a daughter.

My life still feels difficult, I still can't make my parents happy.

My economy is just barely enough, just enough for my child to go to school every day and for us to eat.

Until this story was written, my economy was still difficult, I had not yet found a permanent job.

I just do odd jobs as is, and not every day.

For one job you are given a salary of Rp. 50,000,-

That really makes me happy, the important thing is that my child can go to school, eat and have snacks.

My little heart always cries thinking about my parents and my child.

I haven't been able to make my parents happy.

And until now my child has never once felt the happiness of childhood like I felt before.

I can never fulfill what he wants.

I'm sad that my child wants a bicycle, because his friends have bicycles.

My child is always insecure about playing outside with his friends.

In the day he just stayed at home joking with me.

My son, I pray for your father to make you happy.

Mother, I pray for your child to make you happy.


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