Sisters Comparison Essay

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The Beauty in Having a Sister

Sisters Comparison Essay

Many sisters can say that they are equivalent in almost every way. From the way they talk and dress, to the type of music they like and the boys they have crushes on, their similarities never retire. They’re the girls you can barely tell apart, even if they’re not twins. Conjoined at the hip, they reign over all of the other sisters who aren’t as laudable.

My little sister and I are at the very bottom of that list.

Even the phrase “polar opposites” is an understatement when referring to the plethora of contrasting traits that set us apart. Although our personalities and the hobbies we participate in are different, we’re weirdly alike in many ways.

Jenesis is 14. She’s high in stature and long-limbed—exactly how our mother was shaped when she was her age—and she has thick, curly hair. Her eyes resemble almonds and her smile varies depending on how toothy she’s feeling that day. Her skin is flawless and her smile and laugh lines compliment her fresh face like an artist's brush strokes compliments her blank palette.

She’s a Gemini, which means she’s bi polar. This doesn’t always work out well for me. She loves to horse around and show love, then turn around and say childishly mean things and tell you to leave her alone. It’s very hard to tell when you’re in the clear with her. Besides that, she is shy around new people, but once they invite her in, she shows her true outgoing personality and she becomes the most popular girl at the table. I’ve always envied her ability to do that.

Then there’s me. I’m 18, average height, and curvy. When I was younger, I was short and chubby. I never thought I would slim out, but my freshman year of high school proved me wrong. I, too, have thick and curly hair but it’s tamer than Jenesis’ locks. For example, her hair puffs up, whereas mine settles in relaxed curls. She’s always despised me for it. She hates her hair. I’ve never understood why; I think her hair is beautiful. Her built-in voluminous curls have always been something of a challenge for me to achieve.

My eyes are very cat-like and are surrounded by fatigue. I’m also anemic so I always joke by declaring I am, in fact, a talking zombie. I always roll my eyes when Jenesis says that her face is breaking out because she doesn’t even understand the definition. Although my acne hasn’t really hit me yet because I take care of my face, I’ve gotten breakouts that could make a person want to stay inside for a week. I would give anything to have her smooth skin. I’m a Capricorn which means I’m very anti-social and I find fun and beauty in the “boring” things. I don’t like to be bothered much and I’m not big on extreme events. This completely baffles my little sister. She’s always yelling, “You’re so LAZY!” or “You’re so BORING!” She doesn’t understand that if you calm down and look around, there are things to find exciting without all the excitement.

Jenesis loves sports. If there’s anything with a ball and a net, she’s either played it already, or could within ten minutes of watching the game. She’s highly competitive as well. She runs track, she’s on the cheerleading squad, she’s played basketball, and she’s never lost. She’ll come home dripping in sweat with that big grin on her face and a medallion around her neck, panting, “We won...again.” I never really asked her why she chose to devote her time to sports, but if I were to come to a conclusion by close observation, I’d say it’s because she’s restless. She needs something to do and take her mind off other things that could be bothering her, and sweating with her heartbeat pounding in her ears is the only way she can achieve that.

I hate sports. I prefer singing, dancing, acting, reading or writing. I also love to play the guitar—an instrument Jenesis gave up on within an hour of fiddling with the strings. Sweating has always been ill-fitting to my tastes and the thought of touching a ball that everyone else had their unsanitized hands on gives me bacteria-filled nightmares. I’d much rather step onto stage and become someone else for two hours with a ten minute intermission.

Like Jenesis, I have some things that bother me if I don’t occupy myself. Stepping into the mind, heart and soul of a script is my way of forgetting. My way to live another life—something that everyone everywhere has once wished for—is through theatre. Whether I’m the leading lady or an ensemble member, in the far right corner, playing a tree, I wouldn’t give up the arts if there was a gun pointed to my head. Jenesis hates acting because she gets embarrassed and assumes everyone is judging her. I’ve tried to tell her that when you’re on stage, you’re not yourself, but she would just look at me like I had four heads. I know now, that was only because she and I see the world, and what we do in it, totally opposite of each other.

Jenesis and I may be completely different but we’re surprisingly alike. People call us twins, point out whenever we do the same thing at the same time, and they always say that Jen is going to grow up to look and act just like me. I have to agree, our mannerisms and reactions to things are pretty identical. We have the same cackling laugh, the same wide nose, the same curly hair, we love most of the same celebrities and read the same books. We’re always finishing each other's sentences and making each other laugh with the same lame jokes we both learned as little kids. Whenever we get around each other, there’s no stopping us. We’re singing, laughing, dancing, and talking about any and everything under the sun. Despite our differences, she is the best partner in crime any big sister could ever ask for.

Although my little sister and I have many differences that set us apart, I love her to death and I know she loves me. We talk about any and everything and she knows full well that I’d take a bullet for her. Our personalities and our interests may be different but you know what they say: Opposites attract. And I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else.

Juneau Howard
Juneau Howard
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