Sister's Shadow

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I have always felt I lived in sister's shadow from day one.

Sister's Shadow

Being the younger sister might be a good reason. She always got to do important stuff before me and got to go to bed later than me. Things either went one of two ways; she would do things before me or within the same year as me.

It all started in elementary school; we both made the senior basketball team, her name being above mine on the list. Of course, she later excelled at basketball, where as I would be happy to never see an actual ball again. In high school she always had better marks then me and excelled at basically everything from my perspective. She had the most friends and was so well liked by everybody. During college/university, we worked at the same place. Everybody liked her and was friends there while I only had a few friends. We also always worked the same shifts, there was no escaping her. I am sure she felt the same way at the time.

We both ended up graduating the same year as one another. She got to go to University while I went to college. I am going to blame myself; my thought was that it would be too expensive for both of my parents to put out money for two daughters in university. So, I decided college was the better, less expensive route for me. I also did not know what I really wanted to do with my life, but now I have a great career.

Anyway, within a couple months of us graduating we both found jobs in our careers we had worked so hard in school for. Hers was becoming a teacher and mine in the healthcare field. A couple years later we both married the loves of our lives, within four months of each other. We have both moved far away from our home towns and far away from each other.

I can say I am jealous of her. That’s easy. She makes more money than me, goes on more vacations and weekend getaways than me. She is probably more mature then me. She gets everyone more lavish gifts than I can afford. I can even go as far to say her husband may be more caring towards her than mine is. In other words, I am extremely jealous of those things in her life.

I know for a fact that my dad’s side of the family is infatuated with her. Why wouldn’t they be? She makes extra time for them. They think she is basically set up for life. She makes the money, has the pension, and gets the benefits. Yet that side of the family gives her everything from cars to money.

Now I am not at all saying that they don’t love me. No, I am not saying that at all. I just think when it comes to family, being fair to all members goes a long way. For example, when giving a granddaughter money, maybe give an equal amount to all grandchildren, so no jealously occurs. It’s simple really.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the girl, she is my sister, after all. She has done a lot for me and is very kind. There is also thing that she does that I would never do. She constantly over-schedules herself and then has a daily breakdown about how terrible her life is. This is something I repeatedly saw in our high school and college/university days.

Anyway, I am sure she has had her ups and downs. I am sure her life isn’t as perfect as I am making it sound right now. I am sure she has had different troubles along her way. But she sure does cast a big shadow.

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