Proper Fractions

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For my Children

Proper Fractions
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A proper fraction is a number whose value is less than one and the numerator is less than the denominator. So what does mathematics have to do with this challenge? Well, for my open letter to a best friend I have chosen to write to my four children. When I think of whom my best friend is I have to include them all. Each child representing one quarter of a whole has unique attributes that when combined together, create one amazing unit.

To my loving children,

The four of you are simply the very best things to ever have happened in my life. All of you are adults now but I remember each of your births like they happened yesterday. I feel so fortunate to have three daughters and a son who bring so much joy and happiness, not just to me, but many other people. We certainly have had our challenges over the years but I have been extremely proud to raise you all as a single mother. Four children born of two different fathers, our family has survived my splitting from both relationships. We moved onward from one parent whose drug addiction prevented him from being an active parent. We also all are domestic abuse survivors, escaping the other parent who had extreme control and anger issues. I have a personalized dedication for each and every one of you.

To Brittany: The oldest, the leader, my tow head blonde with ice blue eyes. You are the leader of the pack. I value all the lessons I learned with you as a first time mother. You were my big helper when I left your father, helping me with your baby sister. I was a very young mother of two girls not even two years apart. I grew up a lot with you as I was still immature in many ways. Over the years you have evolved into a very strong, independent woman. You have become a successful businesswoman and now are expecting my first grandchild. I love you and hope you feel the same with your own son as I did raising you.

To Crimson: My second born; my adventurer. I chose your name before birth and never imagined that you would hold true to your name’s meaning and be born a redhead! You came into this world so quickly like you had someplace to be and you haven’t stopped moving since. As a child you preferred skateboarding and boy’s clothes over dolls and or anything pink, but life was never a dull moment. Look at you now; a licensed pilot, an accomplished gymnast who loves to explore and travel. Thank you for never losing your sense of wonder.

To Blessed: My youngest daughter. You are my protector and always have been. At the age of three you literally saved my life from abuse. You are my hero, as surviving what we endured years ago, would have been impossible without your bravery at the tender age of three. You have so much loving emotion that is deep within you and radiates to all of our family and closest friends. Anything you set your mind to in life you will accomplish and I am so honored to have you as my child. I chose your name because I wanted something unique and you completely embody the meaning. You are a true blessing. I love you!

To Elijah: My only son and youngest child. You came into this world prematurely but I knew that the moment I held you that you had what is called an old soul. Life hasn’t always been easy for you, being smaller, but your intelligence and creativity has always been above and beyond your years. You are a wise young man who has such a big heart. It never ceases to amaze me how enlightened you are at the young age of twenty one. Although you have had your struggles medically over the years, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that with your musical and artistic abilities that you will succeed in anything that you put your mind to. I love you and think it is beautiful to be the youngest and only brother of three older sisters!

As I close this letter I want the four of you to know that I truly look at us as a team. All four of you are my very best friends, each possessing of a spirit I liken to that of angels. You are my proper fractions; each a part of one large unit. Not one more important than the other but a combined sum of four beautifully gifted souls. I cannot picture how my life would have been without each and every one of you. My life would have just been so empty and incomplete. I love you Brittany, Crimson, Blessed & Elijah!

Marilyn Glover
Marilyn Glover
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