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My Speech for My Sister's Wedding

A Tip to Any New Public Speakers That Need an Example of a Wedding Speech

By Nita Published 7 years ago 3 min read

Good evening everyone, my name is Anita and I’m the bride's baby sister. What I loved the most about growing up with my sister was she always had my back. I remember a time that I was in middle school and I was being bullied by this girl. When I told Becky at that time she was a math tutor at my school, she stopped everything she was doing dragged me up the hill and she waited for the girl; luckily for the girl, she never came. She was always the best kind of entertainment for me, when I was bored. She use to let me sit on her legs and have me use her feet to control which way the rollercoaster will go. Even way back at our grandmother house, she put a show on for me and my cousins called “Stage.” But Becky isn’t just a super hero, a best friend, to me. She’s like that all the time with anyone she come in contact with. My Becky lights up a room, has a million dollar smile, an award winning personality and is the first one to help a friend in need.

If anyone knows my sister closely knows that she is a true definition of a “Gamer Girl.” She loves to play on her Xbox360 and play Call of Duty. Well one day she met her match Karl on a round in call of duty. Ever since then, they played every day, video chatted, and talked on the phone. Within five years they never physically met. Now Becky went out on dates during the five years and often came back bummed or had some off the wall story about the guy. But when Becky and Karl finally decided to meet, she came back from her trip from seeing Karl, she was like “GIRL!!!!!” and that’s when I knew she was in love with him.

When she told me she was moving all the way to Ohio, I was beyond livid but something about finding your soul mate is so rare, so who was I to put her down about one of the best decisions she made? Two years ago when Karl met the whole family for Christmas, I never saw my mom look so proud at a person she just met for making her daughter the happiest person in world. I can say ever since Becky moved down here I never heard her say anything ill about Karl nor how badly he treats her. Karl treats my sister like a queen, showered in gold every day. I just want to say thank you Karl for giving my sister happiness and a fairytale ending that every girl deserves and I admire you more everyday for it.

I have a quick poem I have for the beautiful couple,

Uncommon Love

May you have the love

Only two can know

May you go where only

Two as one may go

May the sunrise and set

In your bonded hearts

And never find you

Too long apart

May you cherish each other’s

Dreams as your own

And turn stumbling blocks

Into stepping stones

May you brave life’s mountains

And miles together

May there be no storm

Your love cannot weather

May your souls conversation

Never end

May you capture on earth

What’s in heaven above

May your hearts know the rapture

Of an uncommon love

Now can you all join me in raising your glasses, I wish you two wonderful things in their future: A lifetime of love and joy, surrounded by family and friends who love you, for all of your wishes to come true and a life of ease and abundance. To Becky & Karl, we love you. Cheers!


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