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Isn't It Annoying?!

by Vanessa Lee 4 years ago in pregnancy


So annoying...

It’s kind of scary when you find out that you’re pregnant. You get all these mixed up emotions, you start to panic, you start to plan for money saving and baby shower celebration—it just gets really messy and stressful. At times we don’t really get to rest simply because of all of that stuff happening at once.

Now, when you think about it, what really comes to mind when you find out that you’re pregnant? Hmm, not sure at the moment? Well let’s start with the belly rubs. People like to rub pregnant bellies even without asking, and now that’s annoying. At times it makes us feel uncomfortable like, “why is your hand on my belly? Do I know you? It feels weird.” Families and friends are okay to do that (well for me), but when it comes to strangers, OMG, please no! Yeah I’ve seen a lot of women go into the bathroom and after they're done they don’t even wash their hands. That’s disgusting, and for them to touch your belly after that?! That’s even more disgusting!! You don’t know where their hands have been, you don’t know what they're touching or doing with them. Just please keep your hands to yourself, and better yet, please wash them regularly. Yeah, thanks!

Another thing that was annoying was getting leg cramps in the middle of the night. Omg, the pain we would go through. Yeah we’re having a good sleep until BAM!! You're fully alarmed just for a damn leg cramp that decided to wake you from your slumber!! Dear lord, I wish we didn’t have legs while we were pregnant or better yet, I wish we could take off our legs before going to sleep just so that we don’t get leg cramps at night.

Oh, and those mood swings! Damn, I really wish I didn’t say those words to my husband while I was having a mental break down. I wish I didn’t cry while eating sushi just because I was thinking about the poor fish that went through this just to become sushi. How embarrassing that was!! It was also annoying as well only because we really didn’t mean to do that.

The aches and pains we went through. Our bodies would hurt so much, even for the littlest things! It was so annoying because we had to sit for just a couple of minutes and rest and then get up again and continue doing chores and then sit down again for a couple of minutes and then get up again to finish doing the chores. It was mostly our backs and hips that would hurt so much only because our bodies were expanding. The baby grows inside us. So it needs more room to fit but in order to do that, our bones needed to expand a bit more.

Those food cravings and restroom visits. Man oh man, those were also restless nights for us mommies. We constantly had to go. There’s no holding back on that, but when it comes to food cravings, boy keep that coming!! No matter what we find, we eat!! Even if it was ice cream with pickles. Mmmm.

Those sickness mornings we get. Not a good way to start the day. The vomiting, feeling nauseous, headaches/back-pains, the lack of energy, heartburn in the morning. Yuck!! So annoying we had to keep changing our clothes or taking showers just to feel refreshed.

We felt like walking penguins. Waddle waddle!

But overall our pregnancies are the most blessing moments to happen to us in the world. We might hate all of the bad stuff that happens to us like morning sickness and back pain, but we love every little moment of it with our little bean growing.🤰🏻💝


Vanessa Lee

Full time mom, just wanted to share with you all on how life is being a full time mom.

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Vanessa Lee
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