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Innate tendency of a mother

An ambivalent liaison.

By Saleh AhmadPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

The innate tendency of a mother to care for and protect her offspring is commonly referred to as maternal instinct. This instinctual behavior is observed in various species, including humans, and is believed to be a result of evolutionary adaptation. The maternal instinct is characterized by a strong emotional bond between a mother and her child, which drives her to provide nourishment, shelter, and guidance to ensure the survival and well-being of her offspring. This instinctual behavior is considered a fundamental aspect of motherhood and is widely recognized as a crucial factor in the development and growth of a child.

Today, you experienced a significant and remarkable failure. I observed you on that stage as the election results were announced, standing tall, immaculate, and composed, the youngest and most talented individual among a group of conventional and uninspiring individuals. No other voice had displayed as much honesty, authenticity, and good intentions; no other campaign had been crafted with such passion.

However, you were defeated.

By an overwhelming majority.

And a small part of me found satisfaction in your defeat...

... and I, your mother, admit this.

As we drive home, a heavy silence hangs between us, interrupted only by the rhythmic movement of the windshield wipers and the muffled sound of slush beneath our wheels. You have no desire to discuss it. You have no desire to comprehend it. You sit there, leaning your head against the headrest, unaffected as the lights of your cherished city caress your face with their golden and meaningless fluctuations. Understandably, you are consumed by the numbness of it all—a stranger to such bitter waves.

During your upbringing, you exemplified the ideal child that every mother aspires for. Your ability to sleep soundly, consume all types of food, diligently study, work diligently, and exhibit unwavering kindness towards others were qualities that left a lasting impression. Whether it was dropping you off at nursery, school gates, or university halls, you confidently ventured forth without a backward glance, embracing your independence and displaying a self-assuredness that never faltered, a trait that remains unchanged to this day.

Your aspirations have always been resolute and unwavering. From the moment you entered this world, you resembled a determined salmon swimming upstream. As a newborn, you were rosy and slender, and as I cradled you in my arms, you cried out with a purpose, your violet eyes searching for meaning even before they had acquired their color. I carried you home in a basket, half-believing that you could have made the journey on your own.

From the very first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that your destiny would be extraordinary, while mine would be that of a mere observer. Coming to terms with this reality has brought about a peculiar sense of tranquility. As I embarked on the journey of motherhood, I had prepared myself for various challenges. I was not naive; I understood that human connections are an unpredictable amalgamation, and I, having weathered life's storms, was emotionally prepared for its highs and lows. Whatever the diverse tapestry of humanity had in store for us, I was ready to confront it all. However, what I never anticipated was my own redundancy in your life.

Certainly, I am aware that the ultimate purpose of all mothers is to prepare their offspring for an independent existence. This is, indeed, the natural and poignant order of life. However, I had not anticipated the immediate realization of this inevitable outcome.

Irrespective of the challenges that life presented to you, you consistently demonstrated resilience. What would have unsettled any other child, you faced with a matter-of-fact and courageous demeanor. Whether it was a scraped knee, tattered clothing, illness, adversity, or a lost friendship, you never succumbed to self-pity. Your head was always held high, your focus unwavering. No trivial obstacle could distract you from your grand vision for life. You effortlessly brushed aside the mundane problems that life presented, deeming them unworthy of your attention.

As we proceed down the lane towards our residence, I am compelled to extend my hand towards you. It is my intention to provide solace in the wake of your recent loss, although I am aware that my tendency to engage in trivial activities may be bothersome to you. I assure you that it is not my intention to cause any annoyance. Rather, I possess an overwhelming reservoir of affection within me that often spills out in a clumsy and awkward manner. It seems that without a recipient to receive it, profound love has the potential to create disorder.

I activate the turn signals, and we make a turn into the driveway, gradually approaching our house. I engage the handbrake, switch off the engine, and fixate my gaze upon the side of your head as you stare into the distance, seemingly lost in its darkness. I patiently wait, as the absence of movement, the absence of the wheels' rumble and the wipers' swiping, weighs heavily upon us, immobilizing us until it eventually permeates your consciousness, severing the connection to wherever you may be lost.

You turn towards me, your eyes bearing a haunted expression. You search my gaze, desperately seeking an answer that eludes your instinctual knowledge. Regrettably, I possess no answers. However, I possess an innate understanding of how to react in such situations. Seizing the opportunity, I extend my hand to touch your arm. Your response is immediate, as you collapse towards me, crumpling your immaculate jacket in the process, and enveloping me tightly with your arm. I cradle your head against my chest, inhaling every breath that emanates from you. I gently stroke your cheek and caress your hair, gently rocking you as you softly sob in the tranquility of the moment.

Allow us to take a moment to rest in this chilly and dim environment, my beloved. You may shed tears, while I, in turn, experience remorse for the overwhelming happiness I am currently experiencing.

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