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How To Reignite Passion In Marriage (How To Revive Passion In Your Marriage)

Couples often wonder how to reignite passion in marriage especially if much damage has already been done to the marriage. This article helps you review how to revive passion in your marriage. Read on to find ways to spice up your marriage and get that spark back into your home.

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 6 min read
How To Reignite Passion In Marriage (How To Revive Passion In Your Marriage)
Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash

When you were head over heels in love what was wrong in your life?

The passion between two people, the deep connection, sexual chemistry, and the desire for each other does not have to drift silently away. This does happen to most couples, but it does not have to happen to you.

We all live busy, hectic lives and if we are honest, we neglect our spouses from time to time. We take them for granted. Yes, they do the same thing to us, but I will focus on what one person can do to restore passion in their marriage... that one person being YOU reading this now.

Restoring passion starts in your mind and actions. It will not happen by itself after 3 years of nothing no matter how much you wish it was the way it used to be.

Here are 4 things you need to know:

1. Have Courage - There will be times when you will not want do what you are about to read. Your courage will help you do it anyway. It only takes less than 20 seconds of courage at a time. It takes courage to make something greater happen in your life.

2. Make a Commitment - If you want to create something amazing, you have to do something about it often. You can't go to the gym once every two months and expect to be fit. Commit to making these new ideas a habit.

3. Be Clear - Have a clear idea of what you want to create in your marriage. If you don't know what you specifically want, it won't happen. The more clear you are, the more efficiently you will work towards making it happen.

4. Use Your Creativity - The more you are willing to try new things and to expand on whatever is already working to create a unique experience, the more aliveness you bring into the marriage. We are only limited by our willingness to be creative.

Here's 5 steps to take:

Step 1 Change your tone with your spouse. Soften up and lighten up. Come from your heart and remember or imagine that you care so much for this other person. Really notice them and appreciate them for who they are. Let go of resentments and bitterness from the past for these moments. Drop any harshness from your voice or posture.

Step 2 Initiate Connection. While you have changed your tone, touch your spouse more often, hold them, and kiss them. Bring more affection into your day to day routine no matter what else is going on.

Step 3 Entice Remind them of things that you find sexy about them. Be specific, and tell them. Surprise them with an unexpected whisper about what you want to do with them. Allow that to sink in and percolate. Let it simmer. Be playful and fun. Passion is enticed out, it cannot be forced. Sensual teasing is good.

Step 4 Linger When you hug them or touch them or kiss them, maintain the connection for just a little longer. Take your time allowing the feeling to grow. Stay a little longer when you whisper in their ear. Hold your eye contact longer when you talk with them or tell them what you find sexy about them. Bathe yourself in these feelings of small connections that are building and heating up. Slow down, you'll like it.

Step 5 Surprise Everyone likes pleasant surprises. Create a habit of doing different things and exploring. Do something unexpected. Use your creativity to bring a new sense of aliveness to something that might be routine. Every moment can be different.

Do these things regularly and the chemistry and passion in your marriage will not disappear. It's far more likely to grow and expand. Imagine how you will feel in a passionate, deeply connected relationship. Imagine the aliveness that you will feel in these new moments. Bring more playfulness and fun, and curiosity and adventure into your marriage. Start today because everything else can wait.

Every marriage struggles from time to time. Marriage can be difficult and understanding your spouse can be illusive. Add the daily stress of busy hectic lives and people suffer while emotions run high.

Keeping Your Marriage Alive - Five Useful Tips

1. Romance

Get back into the habit of dating your spouse! If romance is lacking in your relationship, don't hesitate to lay it on and bring out your flirtatious side. When you begin taking care of yourself, your partner will notice and become interested in the reason why you're so keen on being so pretty or handsome. Once they realize it's for them, they should instantly perk up! Also, know that people do change. Constantly refer to your spouse and speak with them to learn what they would like to do, their hopes and dreams for the future and their desires for intimacy. Communication can be key, so speak up.

2. Friendship

Before you were married, you were friends! Get that friendship relationship back within your marriage. It's nothing you don't already do, just do it with your spouse instead! Share a juicy bit you read online or sit down for an afternoon of board games and refreshments. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the atmosphere remains fun, relaxed and provides a sense of no expectations, letting the happiness and good feelings come as they will.

3. Talking

Don't neglect your spouse! Even if the things they say may seem like they're mundane or even downright silly, talking to your spouse is a great way to let them know what you want, how you feel, what you need and any expectations or disappointments you're experiencing. Without talking, you would just be two roommates living together. Don't let your spouse linger in silence, strike up a conversation about their favorite topic, or even a new one and see where the conversation leads you.

4. Listening

Just as important as talking, listening plays a vital role in relationship communication. In order to fully understand the context and situation your spouse is in, ask them about their day, and then listen to the reply. Was there any stress? Anger? Sadness? Excitement? Once a day, ask your partner what the highlight of the day was. This promotes feelings of happiness within the relationship, because no matter what, there is always one thing you can find to celebrate about your day together (or even apart, which is okay, as long as you're sharing!) Listen to your partners highlight, ask questions about the event and try to glean the emotions tied to your partner's well-being. If you show that you care, your spouse will too. Listening is a great skill to continuously improve!

5. Little Things

Never stop doing little things. Many couples make the mistake of becoming too comfortable and falling into the bad habit of neglecting the attention their partner craves. In order to continue to make a connection that will last a lifetime, be sure to think of new and creative ways to impress, surprise and cherish your partner. Make other days besides holidays, special, and let them know that you are ready to be there for them and motivate them at all times. Providing support, encouragement and hope to your partner, is a great way to keep them actively engaged in the marriage.

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