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How To Bring Love Back Into A Loveless Marriage (How To Bring A Dead Marriage Back To Life)

Isn't it frustrating that you have to spend your time trying to figure out how to bring love back into a loveless marriage, when it seems like everyone else is walking around happy and in perfect little marriages. This article will show you exactly how to bring a dead marriage back to life.

By Everly NovaPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
How To Bring Love Back Into A Loveless Marriage (How To Bring A Dead Marriage Back To Life)
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When two people are joined together in holy matrimony it denotes togetherness forever for the couple, so say those wedding vows. Blissful years of happiness lay ahead in thought on the wedding day as the couple peer into each others eyes, but what happens when that moment passes by and the years when the couple find themselves drifting apart. What can they do to salvage what they once had?

Causes can be of many for this to happen in a marriage Some people have no choice and are forced to make a decision to end the relationship because they find they can no longer live with an adulterer, a couch potato or in general an inconsiderate human being. However, in contrast we have two people still very much in love but struggling to keep the marriage going.

Are you one of these people, if so there will be a perfect explanation to why this emotion is being felt by you, causing you to feel trapped in a loveless relationship?

Most marital problems rise from debt issues, children and involvement of a third party. Even though you love your partner their bad habits can cause you stress. Bear in mind this goes both ways. Yes you too may have a few bad points that your partner finds uncomfortable to watch or be part of.

Both parties need to talk things through and open up about their concerns as to why they think their marriage is failing. Talking needs to be done in private with no screaming kids running round, and no screaming match from the pair of you on hearing something you may not have wanted to hear. Remember debt can be cleared, children can be tamed and as for those bad habits i.e biting your nails, picking your nose or leaving the toilet set up, has to stop now.

Ways to rekindle that love.

1. Earn back trust if you have faltered in the bedroom department with someone other than your wife or husband.

2. Start going out little more together. Go on a stroll together (hold hands), have a meal out (candlelit), a night at the theatre (Romeo and Juliet) or go watch a movie (one you both agree on)

3. Reminisce about the days of your early courtship and why you fell in love with each other. Bring up those funny moments when you would both split your sides with laughter.

4. Pamper your partner with an all over body massage, this to be done in the bedroom

5. Remember to tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them for being there for you; this will be reciprocated in thought.

6. Send each other love notes, flowers, chocolates, tickets to a football match. Whatever it is going to take to rekindle that undying love for each other

When a marriage breaks down it is normally due to loss of interest in each other, think of ways to make your self more interesting. Talk about things your partner likes to talk about. Do things your partner likes to do, who knows you may enjoy it.

When you make eye contact let there be a glint of lust Tell your partner why you love them. Always add "because" at the end of "I love you" it increases intimacy in your marriage.

Example below must be avoided at all times to evade divorce.

"I love you" because you have put weight on since we married or "I love you" because you have gone bald.

How to Keep Love Strong in Your Marriage

You have decided that you want the happily ever-after. You know there will be bumps but you want to keep the love strong in your marriage. You have purposed to have one of those uncommon marriages; that are happy, where love and respect abounds and where both of you are truly happy in the relationship. So what do you need to do to cultivate love in your marriage?

1. Respect your partner. I agree that society has somehow distorted this into a dirty word but unless you respect your partner then love cannot abound. Disrespect and love do not flow from the same heart; it's either one or the other. Respect simply means that you value your partner and their opinion and you demonstrate this by your deeds and words. If contempt has began to breed in your heart you need to uproot that by focusing on what you appreciate about your partner. How is your life better because of them? Stop getting stuck focused on only what they do that upsets you as this is fertile ground for disrespect; a sure love extinguisher.

2. Love you partner in practical ways. What actions make your partner feel loved? Have you actually tried to find out what they would appreciate from you or what do you do that makes them feel completely loved? Since we are all wired differently it takes different things to make us feel loved and appreciated. Your job is to find out what love looks like to your partner and to put those things into practice.

3. Give your partner room to grow. To keep love strong in your marriage you must support your partner's personal growth efforts. If they need to finish graduate school or master a new language then you should do what you can to support them in that endeavor and of course do not neglect your own personal development. The best relationships are between two fulfilled people not two unsatisfied people looking to each other for all their fulfillment.

4. Let them do what they enjoy doing. Many of us have believed the myth that happy couples do everything together. But think about it for a moment; you are two individuals with hopefully a large number of things that you enjoy doing together but will you also not have a few things that one enjoys and the other detests? Allow your partner to do that which they enjoy and which you have no iota of interest. If they love playing tennis or golf or swimming and these are activities that you do not enjoy as either a participant or as a spectator then give them room to do that and even encourage them. Remember you want a happy partner as they bring their happiness to you and your marriage. Of course I don't mean that you should allow them to do things that are disrespectful to you and your relationship. The focus here is harmless pastimes that your partner does not spend inordinate amounts of time at.

5. Do fun things together. You want to build happy memories together so that in the tough times you can remind yourself of the great person you are married to and the joy that you have shared together. Every time you remember how you good you felt as you climbed that rock or took that gentle walk together, you bring that joy back into the marriage.

6. Stick together during the tough times. In sickness and in health....for better or for worse...you said. Sometimes the worse is much worse then you imagined....maybe you lost a child or one of you has a debilitating sickness. You need to communicate honestly so that you can both deal with the problem together, as a team, so that whatever decision you take you do it in agreement. Feeling overwhelmed by your problems is not uncommon but how you deal with it determines whether love grows in the marriage or whether it dies.

Keeping love strong in marriage requires first and foremost the right attitude and then the right deeds done in honesty by both parties.

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