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Guardian Angel

by Brianna Mota 2 years ago in humanity
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Gift of Vision A Curse And A Blessing

One day, when I was a young schoolgirl, it was about the time that I hit puberty. I saw myself outside my body and I explored a while seeing some very strange things until I somehow knew I had to get back to my body, so I did. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I had no idea what had happened.

Then one day at school, I was in class when all of a sudden my face turned white as a ghost, looking frozen in place. I just looked out in front of me as if I was all alone on Earth. My teacher looked at me, called out to me and got no answer. My teacher managed to get me to respond somehow, but something was not right, so she sent me to the nurse's office and there the nurse finally called my father to come get me. I was picked up and I was silent all the way home. When I walked into the house before I saw my mother or anything I said: “Who died?!” Both my mother and father were shocked at my statement as they hadn’t told me anything yet, so how did I know?

My mother walked into, then soon came out of her own room crying, with a suitcase. “Sweety, your grandfather, my father, died, and I alone will go to Europe for the burial, as we can’t take you out of school and your father can’t leave his work to go as well.” Both of them started to cry. Then my mother asked me, "How did you know when he died? Your father called me to say that your teacher said that you went white as a Ghost at precisely the same time your Grandfather died."

I said “I don’t know but all that I do know is that I was in class and all of a sudden I felt an overwhelming feeling of loss and being lost at that time. It was as if I lost something very dear to me and my Grandfather was that, he was very dear to me. Now that I know that Grandfather died, it was as if he was somehow trying to say goodbye to me before he died. I realise it now that is what he was trying to do.”

My mother and father were surprised at my statements, but I had no way of knowing that my Grandfather had died, as they had only gotten the call minutes before the school called to pick me up. Soon my mother left for the funeral and returned and time passed on.

About one month after the funeral, I had a dream of me Grandfather standing, in flesh and blood, at the foot of my bed as if he was there, watching over me. The funny thing is that he had never come to North America so how could he be here? He was trying to tell me something, but as my mind tried to make sense of it all, in a flash I woke up and sat up in my bed and he was gone. I kept seeing him every night as if he was trying to tell me something important, but I kept waking up before he could relay his message. Then one day I was super relaxed in my room and he appeared to me once again, but this time I was awake, and he said to me. “My sweetheart I love you so dearly and you are the only grandchild that is the closest to me and so much like me. You and I have never really needed words; we always knew what each of us felt. I will always watch over you. I will protect you as much as I can from where I am. Be attentive and listen for any warning signs that you will feel going forward …” And with that, he vanished as his words dissipated.

One summer, on a trip to Europe, my parents and I went to visit an exhibit of mummified bodies in ash from a volcano which was found somewhere in Europe. At the entrance, there was an explanation of where and when they think this happened with the approximate carbon-based date. I didn’t have time to read all of it, because as I entered all I could feel was a feeling of pain and suffocation and a slow death coming from the mummies. As I looked around for a way out, I could hardly bear the feelings that were emanating from the room. The footpath around the tables was like a maze and it was packed with people. With so many people coming in I couldn’t go back in the direction I came in. All of a sudden, I saw something dark in a far corner of the room floating near the ceiling. It was a cloaked figure all in black, and the hood was pulled over its face to hide it, and the sleeves were also very long. It looked like a floating cloak, but I could feel it and it was evil. I tried not to look at it, but all of a sudden it looked straight at me and I now knew that it knew that I could see it as it seemed that no one else could.

I had been moving through the tables to get to the exit as fast as I could, but when it saw me and I knew it could, I pushed people out of the way to get out as fast as I could. When the floating entity saw that I could see it, it started to move towards me still hugging the ceiling above all the other people. All I could feel was that I couldn’t allow it to touch me, or my soul could be at risk. Maybe it had the souls of all these mummies and it was guarding them. As it moved, I saw it’s boney fingers, but not it’s face and as I crossed the threshold onto the outside I felt that it missed touching me by only a few inches, and once I was totally outside I walked further away and knew that I was finally safe. When my parents finally arrived from the inside, they were surprised that I had left the exhibit so fast and I said that it just didn’t feel right.

We then travelled to my father’s hometown. Once we arrived near my father's hometown I started to feel something different, that could be described as a sense of wellbeing. As I got closer to the remains of what was once a chapel, the feeling increased incrementally. I asked my father what the place was and who was buried there. My father spoke to me and told me the stories of this place from his childhood. As we walked into what was left of the old chapel, which had only one full wall being the back wall with what was left of the altar, two half walls, part of the ceiling which covered the altar and what looked like an old stone tomb effigy of a knight in full armour holding a sword hilt in his hands over his heart with the sword length over his body down to his feet.

All that I could feel was a sense of protection and wellbeing, and that I didn’t want to leave. I had never felt something like this, I could sense that the center of this feeling was the Tomb and that the further out you went the feeling lessened. I felt that somehow this knight, who was turned into a Saint for his valour and actions in the Holy Land during one of the crusades was protecting the town and all its residents. It felt as if somehow, evil had no place here, as the power that emanates from this knight wouldn’t allow evil to stay here for long. I stayed by the knight for as long as I could and I could almost see what kind of person he was as things became more clear to me. Soon both my parents and I had to leave. I continued to see entities and they all looked different. The evil ones tried to hurt people.

Over the years I came to realize that I could see things that most other people couldn’t and I recalled what my Grandfather had told me long ago in my bedroom. I could see Good and Evil and guard against Evil as I went through life, and used this superpower to protect myself and all others that I could. I couldn’t tell anyone as they wouldn’t believe me, but I did what I could to save as many as possible from that day forward. I could feel my Grandfather by my side from time to time. But I wondered, was it he that somehow gave me this power or was it hereditary?


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