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The Perfect World

by Brianna Mota about a year ago in fantasy
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When a Virtual Life Becomes More Important Than Real Life

When The Virtual World Becomes More Important Then Real Life

A man moved into an empty house on my street and a lot of construction went on for a while inside the house. Some of the workers told me that the man is having the house renovated on the inside so that he can be kept in stasis while he is connected to a virtual world. He will have his body’s physical needs like food fed to him intravenously, and anything else he may need taken care of by a crew of people that will be there to make sure that nothing happens to interrupt his virtual world life. I thought to myself how crazy is that to have your neighbour do that, he must be having a midlife crisis. Who would want to escape his real life?

I decided to go over and welcome him to the neighbourhood and to see if this was true. The man’s name was Obadiah, he was a strange man and not very good looking. He seemed reluctant to let me in. He explained that he would be making his dream world come to life for himself. That he had bought this house and the computer servers for just that purpose. This Perfect World is where men rule all and women were only things to have, to clean house, and have sex with. I was surprised and asked him why his life wasn’t enough. He told me that he no longer had any interest in real-life living because he couldn’t have what he wanted. It seemed to me that he was upset with his life due to his looks and unusually large spaces between his teeth that were filled with yellow tarter, and his personal hygiene was much less than desired, and I figured that women turned him down due to this.

He wanted a more primitive life where he would be master and where he could have whichever woman he wanted when he wanted and have them all as slaves for his enjoyment. He then went on to explain what he was doing to his house. Where he could connect to a virtual world via the internet and live out his life there with any woman he wished and as many as he wished as he would set the rules of his world. Anyone coming into his world would be his to do with as he wished and only he could set them free.

I then asked him how he would do this. He stated he could trap those women in his world once they came in by making sure that even if they would log off when they would log back on that they would be back in his world and unable to leave. I asked him what if the internet goes down and he told me that a copy of his world would be on his server with enough computer-generated women and people for him to continue until he could reconnect on the internet. I was shocked and left.

After the work on his house was finished, the people that were taking care of him and his equipment so that he could live inside that virtual world were paid weekly, and everyone thought that this man was very wealthy to be able to do this. After a while, these people became greedy, so they all agreed to start selling tickets to this man’s world, as there was a way for people to observe without him knowing and to see what happened to him in his world, for if he should die in that world then his real-life body might also die. So they thought that this would ensure their future should Obediah’s money run out or if he did die in his Perfect World.

One day, I went in to see what happened in his world since I was curious. What I saw was a pre-medieval world. It was beautiful to look at as it was an unspoiled world with castles and fields of corn and other vegetation. All of the avatars in his world were perfect in every way and free of any diseases, and it was all very realistic looking and one would swear that everything was real. They way they all moved and reacted to everything, even when they had sex it looked real, down to all the details. It was like watching a movie.

Upon a closer look at the women, all the women were at his feet wearing collars and when one would disobey him he would send what looked like an electrical shock through the collar and from what I could tell, this is what kept these women trapped in his world once they entered it. They would be captured and the collar forced upon them and that was it. There were other men there as well and they all shared the women since the women were all sex slaves to them and they could not refuse. These women were made to work and were demeaned in such a terrible fashion. These women had to do everything these men wanted including lick their boots if need be. They had no say whatsoever.

These women were forced to obey and do degrading things until they were broken and would no longer fight back. The men took advantage of this and did everything they wanted to them with no care at all. Some of these women were put in cages, whipped, and fed scraps.

One day, some females who looked like Amazons: fierce, well-armed, warrior-like, and scantily-clad women dressed in furs, descended upon the men and warred upon them, taking the men as captives and doing to them what the men were doing to the female slaves. They were caught unprepared and since they couldn’t capture these women and place a collar upon them, they couldn’t control them or force them to do anything. Their Perfect World was starting to be overrun by these Amazons, but how did the Amazons find this World?

How could it be that these women could outsmart these Conan look-alikes and best them at fighting? These Amazons then started to capture these Conan-type men and they found the same type collars that the men used on the women and placed those on the captured men. They freed as many of the enslaved women as they could as they enslaved the men. The Amazons then made the men work and made them breed with whichever woman wanted them, making them do everything that they wished in turn. Some of the Amazon women were very beautiful and some not so much and some looked very old, but these captured men slaves had no choice but to perform or else. These perfect men were treated just as badly as they had treated the women that they had enslaved.

The Master, Obediah, the one that had started this Perfect World was finally caught and made to endure what he had done as well, and now he was the slave. When all these men were caught it was said that one of the women had come into this world and had observed all that had happened and before she was caught she was able to escape and logoff. She later got a following of women that planned to return and teach these men a lesson. Obadiah being the worst of the lot was made to suffer the most and even grovel for anything that he wanted. When he was made to have sex, he would only be given the oldest and ugliest looking of the lot, and he had to pleasure them. When he wasn’t pleasuring these women he was made to do the most demeaning jobs possible. As for the food he would be given moldy bread and water, and when he was to sleep, he would be put in a cage so that all could glare at him, poke at him and pour water on him. His Perfect World became someone else’s Perfect World, with new rules.

In time, he came to fall in love with one of the good looking women, but she would have nothing to do with him. In fact, once she figured out that he did love her she did all she could to humiliate him. She even said “how do you like your Perfect World now. Do you like being treated as you were treating all the women that came into your world, unknowing of what you would do to them? You will never escape us, you are our slave now. Life sucks when you can’t have what you want, doesn’t it?”

Some months later, he died in his Perfect World of a heart attack when he became aware that his safe word to come back to the Real World no longer worked. He died a broken man, and after they removed his body and all the equipment they razed the house.


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