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Giving our daughter little Dawnxi a proper art initiation: Wonderful "Graffiti"

by Dawnxisoul393 about a month ago in art
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Little Dawnxi's magical world(Written when our daughter was about one and a half years old)

Little Dawnxi's magical world, Painted by Dawnxisoul393

"Graffiti" includes many elements: mainly distorted English fonts, followed by 3D realism, character realism, various scenes realism, cartoon characters, etc. Combined with the bright colors, it gives a strong visual and promotional effect. The artistic interplay of various colors depicts a special color style with a sense of abstraction. Our daughter Dawnxi was a little over a year old when we gave her a water pen. She would scribble hard on the water pencil board, drawing lines and making a mess, which was the beginning of her drawing activities. Tracing lines is the earliest stage of doodling. Tracing lines is the earliest stage of doodling. Our daughter's doodling is a product of her visual experience and the coordination of her body and finger muscle movements, reflecting her physical and mental state at the time.

"Little Dawnxi is now in the first stage of doodling or accidental scribbling", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Little Dawnxi is now in the first stage of doodling or accidental scribbling (1-year-old - 2 years old). Little Dawnxi's scribbles are traces left by simple movements of the hands and arms, consisting of a certain number of lines. The fingers hold the drawing tool firmly and the wrist rarely moves. The direction and length of the lines were determined by the back and forth swing of her arm. When drawing lines, little Dawnxi's drawing tool rarely leaves the paper, and only when the line is drawn to the end. This uncontrolled application is meant to satisfy her motor experience, and it is actually a sign of little Dawnxi's coordinated motor neural activity. When we see that little Dawnxi draws mostly irregular, curved lines, some even on the table or floor outside of the water brush drawing board, this indicates that little Dawnxi is not yet able to control her muscle movement and cannot perform tasks that require muscle control well, such as eating, dressing, and sweeping the floor. Our task is to encourage our little Dawnxi to use movement and scribble at will.

"Adding some "ball picking" content to little Dawnxi's daily life", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Adding some "ball picking" content to little Dawnxi's daily life - let her pick up a ball of the color we specify from many-colored balls, and then hand it to us to promote her hand-eye coordination. In a little Dawnxi's world, messy lines might tell a very interesting story, and something that seems illogical and unconventional might be her way of drawing. It is wise not to ask little Dawnxi, "Why are you drawing like that?" What exactly are you drawing? A simple and effective way is to describe aloud the image we see in the picture, "I see a ladybug on top of your picture..." and then wait for her response, usually little Dawnxi will correct us, and she will say, "(It's) a ball! ". We then talk to her through the image on the picture, "Mommy/Daddy want to ask you, what is the difference between a ball and a ladybug ...?"

"If we observe and appreciate little Dawnxi's "artwork", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

If we observe and appreciate little Dawnxi's "artwork", we will find that it is not simply a doodle, but a reflection of her heart, and we need to enter her inner world in order to mobilize her creative initiative and expand her imagination. Little Dawnxi, aged 1.5 to 2 years old, cannot control her small muscles, so her hand-eye coordination can be well exercised during the process of "scribbling". From drawing straight lines crookedly, even to the outside of the drawing board, to being able to draw a complete circle, our little Dawnxi's hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously. Doodling is the truest expression of little Dawnxi's inner world. As little Dawnxi gradually gained self-awareness, she expressed her emotions and her understanding and perception of things around her through painting.

The arrival of little Dawnxi's doodling period means that she is developing her fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills while also unleashing her imagination and creativity. The most important thing about Little Dawmxi doodling is to stimulate her creativity and imagination, develop her aesthetic skills and improve her aesthetic refinement. Give little Dawnxi enough space to explore and give little Dawnxi the greatest freedom to create. Little Dawnxi is amazed by the world, and by the time she reaches 1.5 years old, little Dawnxi's brain, muscles, hands, and eyes have all developed greatly. Although little Dawnxi cannot yet master the correct pencil grip, little Dawnxi, who has just learned this skill, is interested in pens and doodling and is naturally eager to show off her abilities. More than 90% of little Dawnxi's skills will be learned through the process of play. The main purpose of guiding little Dawnxi to draw is to enlighten her hands-on, imaginative, and creative skills and to develop her focused personality.

"We are always striving to give little Dawnxi a beautiful mind", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

We are always striving to give little Dawnxi a beautiful mind, a beautiful personality, and rich imagination and creativity. As a special art discipline that requires imagination and creativity, it is especially important to give our daughter the right artistic initiation. Fine art, by its very nature, is the art of doodling. What we should do is encourage little Dawnxi: combinations of colors, shapes, and lines that give little Dawnxi the freedom to use her imagination. Art is a wonderful discipline, even colors, a leaf, or a drop of water, coalesce to give a delightful enjoyment. As long as we have the usual mind, give little Dawnxi free space, prepare the tools for her, and can accompany her at the right time, we are already on the road to enlightening our daughter about painting. Little Dawnxi can create her own beautiful pictures with her own ideas.

"Little Dawnxi can create her own beautiful pictures with her own ideas", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Because having a normal mind means that we have understood our daughter's growth and development pattern. It means that we do not require little Dawnxi to have the so-called drawing skills, it means that we understand that the significance of drawing to little Dawnxi's growth is that it can promote her hands-on ability, imagination, and creativity. Tools, water brushes, and water brush drawing boards are the biggest support we give our daughter to try various ways to express herself. Being there at the right time means we are supportive, patient, and know-how to guide our daughter. Little Dawnxi's doodling is going through the stage of disorderly doodling (1.5-2 years old). In fact, we give our daughter a water basin and a water brush drawing board, and she takes the water brush and scribbles on the water brush drawing board, which is little Dawnxi's unconscious behavior, but it is preparing our daughter's brain, hands, and eyes for coordination.

"The most common thing we use with little Dawnxi is picture books", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

The most common thing we use with little Dawnxi is picture books. We never doubt that picture books do more for little Dawnxi's drawing enlightenment than we ever imagined. And every picture book, especially the classic ones, is a work of art on every page. The function of picture books, in addition to telling stories and expanding the imagination, in fact, each book is the essence of the illustrator's art. Through careful study, we find that in each picture, the illustrator's painting style is hidden, as well as the way of painting expression. While reading the picture books with little Dawnxi, we also tell her that if she dares to think and if she is willing to do, she can draw as well as the aunts, uncles, and grandparents who created the picture books. Picture books will teach little Dawnxi the style and expression of drawing, and doodling will give her the power to change the world of her senses and the joy that comes from creating with random lines and colorful colors.

"Picture books will teach little Dawnxi the style and expression of drawing", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Life is colorful, and we hope to have more opportunities to take little Dawnxi out into nature, to draw, and to experience the endless beauty of Hong Kong's natural world. What we open for our daughter will not only be the door of art but the love of life!

Original by dawnxisoul393


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Couple from HK. Dr. Daniel K Lam has got his degrees in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge(ARU has its origins in the Cambridge School of Art, which was opened in 1858 by John Ruskin), Doris H Lam has graduated from GFAA with MFA degree.

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