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The developmental process of infant intelligence

by Dawnxisoul393 2 months ago in children
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A summary of our daughter Dawnxi's intellectual development at 1 year and 7 months old

《Baby's Intelligence》, Painted by Dawnxisoul393

When our daughter little Dawnxi was first born, she would occasionally grasp what we put in her hand, perhaps this was called "the grasping reflex" and was unconscious. She smiled, which we thought may also be unconscious. Little Dawnxi spent most of the first month of his life sleeping, except for breastfeeding, and at about 1 month of age, little Dawnxi began to smile, initially during light sleep and then, when older, during sleep. At 2 to 3 months of age, little Dawnxi responded quickly and in a coordinated manner to our voices. She would smile at us when we called out to her.

Little Dawnxi was happy when we teased her, even waving her little arms and stomping her little legs and feet in excitement. At two months old, little Dawnxi's laughing style became rich and varied, with smiles, and giggles. At this stage, little Dawnxi could already make simple sounds such as "ah" and "ooooh". When we spoke to her in a loving tone, she would giggle. Sometimes little Dawnxi even moved her hands and feet with joy, very cute. During this time, however, crying was still one of her primary means of expressing her needs.

"Waving her little arms and stomping her little legs and feet in excitement", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Little Dawnxi loved to listen to us when she was 2 or 3 months old, so whenever we had time, we tried to talk to her more, made more sounds, coaxed her, and sang children's songs. When little Dawnxi looked intently at something, we told her what it was called. We told stories and sang songs to little Dawnxi. Although little Dawnxi did not understand the words we said or the songs we sang, they help her understand the importance of sounds and vocalizations, which is extremely important for little Dawnxi's language learning and intellectual development. We took every opportunity we had to "talk" to her.

We responded enthusiastically and promptly to every sound and smile little Dawnxi made. When little Dawnxi babbled each sound, we tried to repeat it, which resonated with her, made her happier, and encouraged her to be more active. More importantly, this would develop little Dawnxi's "conversational" skills, allowing her to become familiar with the intonation, timing, and rhythm of talking to others. We do not interrupt little Dawnxi when she was "speaking", but listened and responded to her carefully. This way she would realize that her pronunciation was important and that we cared and liked to hear her "talk". This was a great encouragement for little Dawnxi.

"We took every opportunity we had to 'talk' to her", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

When we took three-month-old little Dawnxi outside to an unfamiliar environment, little Dawnxi was alert to the four directions and looked around with her own little eyes, showing her strong curiosity about her surroundings. At three months old, little Dawnxi would quickly look at us when we called her. The eyes are the windows to the soul. We could see it in little Dawnxi's eyes, which were full of spirit. At a distance of 20 to 30 cm in front of little Dawnxi's eyes, we used black and white cards, or toys to cross in front of her face, and we found her eyes reflected accordingly.

At three months old, little Dawnxi was not yet able to grasp what she wanted, but as a mom and dad, we had noticed her tendency to grasp things. In terms of communication skills, little Dawnxi could recognize us, her mother and father. When she heard our voice, she was happy or smiling. At 4 months old, little Dawnxi was hospitalized for a few days due to eczema and was sensitive to strangers and things, suspicious and curious, and smiled at the medical staff and caregivers who came frequently.

"Smiled at the medical staff and caregivers who came frequently", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Every time little Dawnxi's primary care doctor came to check on her, she would say hello to the doctor: "Ah". At 6 months old, little Dawnxi's fingers were more flexible than before and she had a lot of small movements. She can put her toy items where she wants them and little Dawnxi has begun to actively seek attention from others. At 6 months old, little Dawnxi has made a noticeable change in her intellectual development. When we give her a toy, she will reach for it of her own accord. At this stage, little Dawnxi was able to respond to being called by her name.

"She can put her toy items where she wants them", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Little Dawnxi was interested in toys that made sounds and would sometimes hum along with the music, although she could not make full sounds. At 9 months old, little Dawnxi was able to sway rhythmically to music and tap dance to it. For example, she played games with us in the form of hide-and-seek. In terms of language, little Dawnxi understood more of it and our communication with her took on a new meaning.

Before little Dawnxi could say many words, she could actually understand more words than we thought. In fact, by that time, little Dawnxi had already answered many of our questions with simple language and more than a dozen body movements that indicated different meanings. At 9 months old, little Dawnxi loved to “read” more books and play more games with us and loved to hear us praise and applaud her actions and words. Little Dawnxi could already wave her hand to say "goodbye" and clap her hands to say "welcome".

"When little Dawnxi saw a favourite toy on the floor", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Little Dawnxi's intellectual development was relatively mature by the time she was one year old. When little Dawnxi saw a favourite toy on the floor, she would squat down to play with it for a while and then stand up to walk again. In terms of social adaptation, little Dawnxi was learning to do household chores, such as wiping the table and cleaning the floor. During this stage, we helped little Dawnxi improve her cognitive and behavioural skills. These were all signs of little Dawnxi's intellectual development that we paid more attention to. By this time little Dawnxi had entered a more mature stage and was able to do many things on her own and choose what she liked compared to before.

From the age of one year to one year and seven months, the changes in little Dawnxi are more noticeable. Little Dawnxi has become more curious about new things in life and we have noticed that she likes to knock with her hand when she gets something. When little Dawnxi felt that her hand was not making a sound, she would switch to her other hand and knock again. At that time, forty episodes of the children's TV show Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood were little Dawnxi's favourite TV show. Sometimes she felt happy about the success of the characters in the TV show and sometimes she felt sad about their setbacks as if she had become a part of the show.

"She took her toothbrush and brushed the teeth of her toy tiger", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Little Dawnxi thought her toy 'pet' tiger, Judy, was the sister of Daniel the Tiger on the TV programme and when she saw Daniel the Tiger brushing his teeth on the TV programme, she took her toothbrush and brushed the teeth of her toy tiger, Judy, too. At that time, little Dawnxi loved to 'read' picture books, one after another, sometimes holding them by herself for a long time, holding a pen in her hand and scribbling on the paper, or drawing on a water-pencil board with a water-pen. At that time we consciously used more words to guide her actions, such as asking her to give the red ball to Daddy and the green ball to Mommy, so that she could develop the concept of doing things according to instructions.

"Little Dawnxi loved to 'read' picture books", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

By then little Dawnxi's little hands were already very nimble and we used this opportunity to guide her subtly. Sometimes little Dawnxi liked to throw things to tease us and deliberately make us angry. We patiently told her that she was responsible for dropping things on the floor and asked her to clean up with us. At one year and seven months old, little Dawnxi dazzled us with her increasing changes in language, personality and behaviour. While a baby's intelligence is influenced by genetics, what matters most is the education and intellectual development of the parents. If we pay attention to little Dawnxi's intellectual development and put more effort into it, naturally little Dawnxi will develop more quickly.

"Naturally little Dawnxi will develop more quickly", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

At one year and seven months old, little Dawnxi has a smooth gait, can walk freely, squats easily and can throw a ball for fun with a purpose. Little Dawnxi's 'hobby interests' also became more active, such as 'playing the piano' (banging on the piano) and playing the drums by herself. At that time we found that little Dawnxi had not yet reached a good level of physical and intellectual development. Generally speaking, little Dawnxi's development was not ideal, but we were not too worried. This is because there are individual differences in the extent to which knowledge is learned and received.

"'Playing the piano' (banging on the piano) and playing the drums", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

As long as we guide little Dawnxi correctly in its future growth, little Dawnxi will grow up healthy and well. A baby's intellectual development is a step-by-step process, it is impossible to reach the top in one step, it should help little Dawnxi to enhance intellectual development in a gradual process. Whether it is language, social adaptation, weight, exploration, etc., we all need little Dawnxi's cooperation to help her develop faster.

Original by Dawnxisoul393


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Couple from HK. Dr. Daniel K Lam has got his degrees in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge(ARU has its origins in the Cambridge School of Art, which was opened in 1858 by John Ruskin), Doris H Lam has graduated from GFAA with MFA degree.

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