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Getting Kicked Out

What Happens When Life Hands Me Lemons

By Bethany SneedPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Kristina M.M.

Getting Kicked Out: A story about how I got kicked out of my boyfriend's family and how life went downhill from there.

Few things first: Learn from my mistakes, don't let people take advantage of you, and when life gives you lemons, throw them back. I changed the names for their privacy.,

Let's start at the beginning. It started out like a normal day but ended up the worst day of my life so far. Things started to go wrong when my boyfriend's brother, Harry, started to melt down about his drone. We tried to help him figure out what was wrong with it but he didn't care. Charlie, my boyfriend, and I were sitting outside to get some peace before we went inside. Charlie's mom, Katie, came out yelling about a few things. She went back inside and started to have a mental breakdown. Charlie went to go calm her down.

My nieces were coming to see us and had just arrived right then. I went in and asked Charlie's sister and brother to try to calm down Kate so my nieces could come in. I'm still not all to sure on what happened in the house while I was explaining to my sister that she should just leave and take my nieces with her. She asked if I wanted to go with her and stay with her a few nights until things calmed down in the house. I said yes and went inside to get a few things so I could go. I gave Charlie a drink that my sister had bought him. Charlie's sister, Elizabeth, was in the kitchen, which is the only way to get to our bedroom. She said a snarky comment about how I was to blame for Katie's mental breakdown.

I shoved Elizabeth after she said that comment. I don't remember exactly what she said, but I do remember it was about blaming me for her mom's breakdown. When Elizabeth stood up from the chair she fell into after I shoved her, she went to attack me. Charlie threw his coke at her. The only thing I really remember from the fight was the coke being thrown, Elizabeth coming at me, and Charlie getting between us to stop the fight. Katie and Harry came running in and yelling to let go of Elizabeth. Harry got Charlie to let her go and she came at me again. Katie yelled at me to not fight back. I kicked Elizabeth and when I did, Katie yelled some curse words and said to get out. I packed my stuff and left. This was five days before Christmas and a week before Charlie's birthday. Awesome, right?

Charlie and I stayed at my sister's house for a while and then ended up with my grandparents. At my sister's, we found a trailer to rent and got the money together to rent it. We went to my grandparents' because my sister didn't have enough room to keep us for long. The trailer we had found was nice and only needed a few things done. We were given a move-in date. We went to move in and found out that there was a huge problem that came up with the trailer. We ended up having to postpone for another week.

While at my grandparents' house my anxiety got really bad and I couldn't sleep. I ended up electrocuting myself when I went to straighten my hair. I got a lot of crap from everyone about not having a stable job. My job I got through a temp job agency. The only good thing that came out of getting kicked out was that I found a job that I like.

Life threw lemons at me and I couldn't throw them back or make lemonade. Things are starting to get better as the days go by. My family has helped out a lot. I had a job interview for a stable job. I'm trying my hardest to make things better for Charlie and I. I will not allow life to bring me down any more.

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Bethany Sneed

I always wanted to express myself in writing but never knew how. I have alot of history that I never knew I would have at 21 years old.

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