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Friends Will Be Friends

How Friends Become Your Extended Family As They Support and Care For You

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I am not sure whether this will be narrative or poetry. Yesterday I was chatting with close friends and people in my Vocal Groups on Facebook.


My friend Krista needed help moving stock from her shop to a new location across the road. Our friend joined us. Krista’s shop was on the fourth floor but there was a lift, plus trolleys so easy to get even the heavy stuff down. Crossing the road was a bit of a pain as it’s also a main bus route. Then the new location was on the third floor , and there was no lift.

I had been for a walk round the Town Moor with my daughters and granddaughter in the afternoon , clocking up eight miles which is a long way for an old, unfit , fat bloke like me. From bottom to top there are 75 steps. Plus the stairs have doors and curves , then if you add heavy boxes and tables , shall I say I had a lot of rests and pauses. But we got it done.

I then shared some news with Krista and Jon and we had a cuddle , and they were very encouraging and supportive and helpful telling me they would always be there for me, and I knew they would say that, but it still makes me a little tearful when friends show so much love and care. Jon often sends me birthday videos and is a talented composer and musician and wears a dress very well, a wonderful friend. Krista is a designer , DJ and singer and always finds time for me, she is so positive and loving and a perfect coffee and snack friend. I am privileged to have them.

I have many friends but these were the two with me last night, it could have been others but all friends will be friends for me. They are really an extended family of choice. At the end I will link to their Facebook profiles and if you need a song Jon will give you one and if you need design advice Krista is a perfect person.

Then I came back to find a huge amount of caring praise for a Vocal article which was a tribute to my friends and Vocal groups on Facebook. I was stunned. I was in tears. People actually caring about me , and praising me . That just doesn't happen. Except yesterday it did.

If I had been writing this on paper with a pen , it would be blurred and tear stained , but tears of joy. I really had no words, but I had , to give thanks to everyone.

Friends are friends and are there for you , some more than others but when they have time they will be there for you day or night. I have friends who I would be fine with if they knocked me up at four in the morning and they would do the exact same for me. That commitment is priceless.

Friendship grows, the stronger it becomes , the better you feel because it does make you feel more appreciated , stronger and happy. But it needs to be a two way thing , always talk with your friends but never push or pressure them, support them , let them lean on you because you may need that from them one day. I know I have needed that at times , but I always give it as well when I can.

With a title like that the song has got to be “Friends Will Be Friends” by Queen , not their best but the sentiment is perfect.


A Haiku for this:

I love all my friends

They inspire and care for me

I’m perfectly blessed




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