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Forced to marry your employer

Family relationship story

By Muhammad Arifin Published 2 months ago 8 min read

"The clothes you made were torn?" Arya repeated the question again, she wanted to confirm that what she had heard was true.

"Yeah, A... yeah! The clothes were torn, when I took them off I had just worn them... sob. They got stuck in the cupboard with nails coming out of them. Huhuhu... forgive Runi, Aa!" Seruni explained with feelings of anxiety and fear, lest Arya would scold her. However, clothes are very important.

Arya took a deep breath, exhaling slowly after understanding what was causing Seruni's crying. Arya was really annoyed at Seruni who was crying just because of something trivial like that.

However, without changing her expression, Seruni thought that Arya was angry with her, Arya asked again.

"Where are the clothes?"

"In the room. Sob!" Seruni rubbed her cheek. His sharp nose turned red, making Arya want to pinch it.

"Don't cry! Go get it!"

"Aa angry?" Seruni dared to ask with a scared face.

"Take it first, I want to see what the damage is like!" said Arya, who felt funny seeing the fear on Seruni's face.

'Don't be afraid of me, darling! Only clothes that are torn, I can buy again for you, as long as you don't tear my heart later.'

Seruni stood up, looking fearfully at Arya who was also looking at her deeply. Seruni was really afraid to see Arya's unfriendly face.

"Aa... sorry! Runi accidentally tore the clothes," Seruni squeaked and lowered her head. Arya tried her best to hold back laughter, her lips twitched to prevent the curve of her lips from pulling upwards.

"Take the clothes, darling. I want to see!" Arya said, softening her voice, she was really uncomfortable seeing Seruni who looked scared for no reason.

Seruni turned around and walked unsteadily towards her room which was not far from where Arya was.

Glancing briefly at the man who had been observing her, Seruni looked increasingly uneasy. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Seruni entered the room.

'Just face it, Runi! If he's angry, just keep quiet. Because it was your fault. Responsibility.'

Carrying the robe that had made her cry early in the morning, Seruni hugged the object as if making peace so that her fear would decrease.

Stopping her steps right in the doorway of the room, Seruni looked at Arya who was already standing near her room.

Can't wait for Seruni to approach, Arya came to greet the girl, "Where?" Arya's hand reached out for clothes which Seruni was still hugging.

If only I could like that dress! Relax Arya... two more days! After that you can do anything to the girl.

Seruni's shaking hands gave the clothes she was hugging to Arya, "This... Aa."

"Come with me now, you don't have to go to school, I already asked Kang Bara for permission to go to your school," said Arya without looking at the clothes that Seruni gave her.

Seruni looked at Arya in surprise, "Permission? But why? Don't I have permission tomorrow too, A?"

"Because we have to find something else for you to wear tomorrow night."

"But it's a little torn, A. Let me check it!" explained Seruni, pointing to the clothes in Arya's hands.

"We'll take it to my mother's regular tailor. If it can be repaired, don't buy it. If not, buy a new one," explained Arya, making Seruni's worried face full of fear disappear instantly.

'It turns out he's not angry! Thank God, thank you, O Allah.'

"Aa, aren't you angry?" Seruni asked to confirm her prejudice. A smile began to appear on her beautiful face.

However, that smile slowly receded, seeing Arya's face, which was still flat and cold.

"It turns out that Aa is angry with Runi," muttered Seruni, lowering her head again. Her heart was sad when she received an unfriendly look from her future husband.

Arya really wanted to end her angry drama, but she knew that Seruni would definitely refuse her invitation to go look for replacement clothes if she said she wasn't angry. For this reason, Arya continued to wear a flat and unfriendly face.

"Change your clothes, we're leaving now. While it's still early."

Seruni raised her face, "So Runi didn't go to school today?" Seruni asked slowly.

"Are my words still not clear? You're allowed to start from today until Thursday, then come back on Friday."

"It's really hard, it's already Saturday," muttered Seruni but Arya could clearly hear it.

"It is better!"

"Uh, what?"

"Yes, that... you're allowed one week so we can go straight to our honeymoon!" Arya brought her face closer, Seruni immediately backed away, "Hurry up and change clothes. I'll wait in the car!"

Arya walked away from Seruni, stepped out of the house at the same time as Lastri approached Seruni.

"What's wrong with Raden Arya, Runi? You seem... angry?" Lastri asked her son, who was staring at Arya's retreating back.

"Yes... Mom. Aa is angry with Runi," Seruni admitted honestly.

"Huh? Why? What did you do wrong to him?" A worried look appeared on Lastri's face. Moreover, seeing Seruni lowering her head, while twisting the edge of the headscarf she was wearing, Lastri was sure that something serious had happened.

"Runi? What did you do wrong?"

"Runi... Runi... um, clothes for the wedding ceremony--"

"Why, Runi?!" Lastri asked, impatient to hear what Seruni had to say.

"The clothes for the wedding ceremony... were torn, ma'am--"

"What?!" Lastri squealed in surprise, "How was it torn, Runi? Didn't you use it for nothing?" Lastri's face stiffened. His mind immediately guessed what Arya would do, it was no wonder that the man looked annoyed, even though the wedding time was getting closer.

"Earlier, Runi was in a hurry to take off her clothes when Mother called, and opened them near the cupboard. There was a nail at the bottom of the cupboard that was sticking out, so it got stuck. Pulled it... and it tore!"

"Oh my God, Runi...! Why aren't you careful?! No wonder Raden Arya is angry, because the wedding time is soon."

"Mother, don't say that, bro... Runi is really scared." Seruni cried again.

"Then where is Raden Arya? Where are his clothes? Mother, look, who knows, it can be repaired!"

"Aa brought it," Seruni wiped her cheeks from the tears.

"Brought? So what?"

"Aa asked her mother to have the dress repaired, if that's possible... But--but... I think it's possible, Mom. It's a little torn, really."

"So when you said that the clothes were torn, it was the clothes?!"

"Yes. That's why Runi is crying too." Lastri rubbed her face in confusion.

"Okay, hurry up and go to Den Sukma's regular tailor, who knows, it might actually be repaired. Go there!"


The sound of the telephone ringing was heard, Lastri, who didn't know that Seruni had a cell phone, was surprised by the sound of the telephone ringing coming from Seruni's room.

"A cellphone? Do you have a cellphone, Runi?"

"Yes, ma'am... last night's gift turned out to contain a cellphone."

"Yes, Allah... that's it! Pick it up quickly. That must be Raden Arya, right?"

Not waiting long, Seruni walked quickly to get her cell phone on the table.


Before Seruni had time to say hello, Arya interrupted her words.

"How long do I have to wait, darling?!"

"Y-yes, A, now Runi come out!"

Seruni hurriedly left the room wearing her school uniform.

"Mom, Runi, let me go first, okay?!" Seruni greeted Lastri hurriedly, not wanting to add to Arya's annoyance with her.

Lastri followed behind Seruni towards the front, it turned out that Arya was still standing on the terrace of the house.

Seeing Seruni and Lastri come out, Arya immediately approached Lastri.

"Mom, I'm taking Runi out. Hopefully it won't take long," said Arya, asking for Lastri's approval to take her daughter.

"Yes, Den. Sorry, the clothes--"

"It's okay, ma'am."

Well, it's okay to talk to your mother. Put on a smile again. Just be careful after you get married... Eh?!

"Come on, bro... let's go!"

"Yes, A!" Arya stepped first towards her car, opening the door for the future empress.

Seruni felt her face warm, Arya's treatment reduced her tension and fear a moment ago.

Lastri, who was watching over the two people with a significant age difference, prayed silently that Arya would not be angry because of Seruni's carelessness.

Arya's car started to drive slowly, crossing the bumpy rocky road. Seruni glanced in fear at Arya who was still silent.

Ah, really... If he hadn't known about Arya's romantic attitude, maybe he wouldn't have cared that Arya was being bitchy towards him. But because Seruni already knew Arya's other side, Seruni became uncomfortable.

"A A ...!" Seruni's voice broke the silence in the cabin.


"Don't be angry!"


Seruni felt tightness in her chest. Tears gathered again in the corner of her eyes and wanted to come out, making Seruni's eyes hot.

"Runi is sorry, Runi knows she was careless. Runi... Runi... Huhuhu!" Seruni covered her face with both palms. Tightness in his chest, making his throat choke.

Arya was shocked to see Seruni crying, she regretted her prank behavior which made Seruni cry again.

Pulling the car over, Arya dared to touch Seruni's hand which was covering her face.

"Hey... Honey! Don't cry! I'm not angry!" Seruni held her hand so that it wouldn't be released by Arya's gentle tug, she was reluctant to open the stove on her face.

"No! Aa is angry with Runi! Huhuhu...!" Runi shook his head and moved his body towards the car door.

"No, darling, no! I'm just teasing you." Hearing Arya say that, Seruni immediately moved her palm away which was covering her face.


"Yes, darling. I'm not angry at all."

"Even if the clothes are damaged?"

"Even though his clothes are damaged."


Arya became increasingly annoyed.

"Yeah, I'm not angry!"

Seruni smiled broadly with tears remaining on her cheeks. His hands were busy rubbing his swollen cheeks.

"I'm afraid Aa will be angry."

"I can't possibly be angry with you just because of a trivial matter, darling."

"But... the clothes?"

"We'll fix it if we can. If not, buy a new one," answered Arya lightly, making Seruni widen her eyes, making Arya annoyed.

"Love the clothes! Runi loves them!"

"We'll look for something like that again."

"A A ...!" Seruni looked at her gently, Arya became increasingly enchanted by the beauty before her eyes.

Oh my God!


"Thank You."


"Not angry with Runi."

Seruni's eyes were sparkling again.

"Sure, darling!"

'Because I love you. Since a long time ago without anyone knowing.' Arya thought.

Forced to marry your employer - Pusparani Surya
Arya loves Seruni, uses all means to bind the girl even when the girl...

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