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Five—Wait—Six Ways to Show Mom You Care

Show the woman who raised you how much you care with this list.

By Katherine ShearPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

1) A Simple Hug: Squeeze Someone Tightly in One's Arms, Typically to Express Affection.

A simple hug can make a mom or grandma or aunt or sister feel happy and appreciated. Shoot, it can make anyone feel happy and appreciated! Affection is key. Somehow, when someone wraps their arms around you, you feel bliss. When your child comes up, wraps their arms around you for no reason at all, it is the best feeling in the world. It makes you so happy, you could cry. Everyone needs a hug every once in a while, especially the woman who gave birth to you! You wouldn't be here if it weren't for her.

2) A Compliment: A Polite Expression of Praise or Admiration.

A compliment can range from "Food tastes good, mom," to "I've always admired the way you handle those kinds of situations, Mom." Everyone needs praise every once in a while, especially moms. Sometimes, we feel as though the world is crashing around us and we're doing the worst job ever. A simple "Good job" is always fantastic to hear. A lot of mothers are insecure. Why wouldn't we be? We're constantly judged on everything we do. "Do you vaccinate? Do you use the 'Cry It Out' method? Did you breastfeed or did you give your baby formula?" Not to mention the weight gain most women go through during pregnancy that never falls off. So, yes, a simple "Good job" or "You look beautiful in that dress, mom," can really make our days better.

3) A Gift: A Thing Given Willingly to Someone Without Payment; A Present.

A present can range from a cheap painting you did yourself to a million dollars. Trust me: your mom isn't expecting a million dollars, and she'd probably rather have the painting or drawing you did yourself. Moms are 'gushy' like that. It doesn't have to be a painting either. Maybe you like to collage. Get some magazines and find cute quotes, glue them together on a piece of paper, and write 'I love you!' This is sure to bring some happy tears to your mother's eyes. Maybe you like to draw. Maybe you aren't artistic at all, but you're creative. Write her a short story. Show her something from the heart, because remember, moms are 'gushy' like that!

4) A Handwritten Note: A Short Informal Letter or Message.

Tell her how your day was. Ask how her day was. Tell your mom about other family members and how they are doing or what they're doing lately. Keep her informed. Let her know you're OK. Write down that you miss her. Leave it in her mailbox or actually mail it. Can you imagine the look on your mom's face when she finds a letter from her very own child instead of an electric, cable, or water bill? That would absolutely make her day. Decorate the envelope how you'd like. Decorate the stationary how you'd like. Draw hearts or color it with her favorite color.

5) Keep her informed: having or showing knowledge of a specific subject or situation.

Keep your mother informed! Keep your mom informed! I can not stress this enough! Introduce her to your friends. Let her know what you and your friends do when you hang out (without giving her a heart attack). Tell her what your girlfriend or boyfriend's name is. Introduce them to your mother. Tell your mom about your day. What did you do at work? Is there any gossip in school or work or between your friends? Even if it doesn't pertain to her, she probably still wants to hear it. Trust me, your mom wants to be informed.

6) Tell her how much you love her: an intense feeling of deep affection.

Well, I was going to end this list with five things to do for your mother, but I just couldn't leave this one out. We'll end it with an even number. How could you NOT have deep affection for the woman who raised you and made you the person you are today? Sure, you're probably thinking 'My mom knows I love her, it's not really necessary.' Well, yes, I'm sure she does understand you love her, but it really is nice to hear it come out of your child's mouth. Take yourself back to Number 1. Hug her; tell your mother you love her.

Number one and number six are the most important. Remember that.


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