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Drenched By Accident!

We always tell our kids not to do things we once did, and we always end up repeating them!

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
A water flume in Great Yarmouth

We were on holiday in Great Yarmouth. I love Great Yarmouth, it's one of those places where I have fond memories of holidays with my parents, husband, and the kids. However, I am sure some memories are not meant to be remembered! We decided to do the 'golden mile' trek from Seashore Caravan Park where we were staying to the fairground at the bottom of the mile. The kids were over-excited, and we had to really watch them. They were running miles ahead of us, chatting, sometimes throwing tantrums and sulking over things they couldn't do, all at once. I mean I know kids get tired, but when there are 6 of them, you tend to feel like Superman or Superwoman, and it can make you forgetful.

As we walked, I remembered my Stepdad telling me 'Don't walk in front of that flume, you'll get soaked!' Well, I was always walking into things when I was young anyway. I must have smacked my head into lampposts, I did this that many times, I'm amazed I didn't knock myself out! In the split second after my stepdad warned me, what did I do? I walked straight in front of the water flume and got absolutely drenched by water that was colder than the antarctic ocean.

When we got to the bottom of the mile, one of my children started running. "Don't walk in front of that flume, you'll get soaked! " I told them, as I pushed my pushchair which carried my very sleepy young girl. I suddenly became mindless, and did the very thing I told them not to do! I walked straight into the flume while pushing my poor sleepy little one, who was comfortably dreaming in her pushchair, soaking us both in freezing cold water! I felt so embarrassed, I had no clean clothes with us for her! I had to wrap her in my eldest daughter's woolly jumper until we got back to the caravan. I cursed myself all the way back, telling myself 'Your Stepdad did warn you, and yet you still managed to do it, even after telling the kids not to do it!' My husband handled it oh so calm, while I was seething inside. My daughter was screaming, and I was completely wrapped in so much guilt and embarrassment, that the police should have arrested me!

When we got back to the caravan, I got my daughter warm and dry and let her sleep. We had tea then decided to go out and enjoy the night-life, still feeling incredibly guilty for drenching my daughter, I decided to let my husband push the pram. One of my sons threw a major tantrum because we wouldn't let him go into an amusement arcade, and my other daughter was constantly complaining she was bored. I was trying to deal with it, and I did have it in the back of my mind that I wasn't going to walk past that flume again. What did I do next? We decided to cross the road and head for the shop, and I mindlessly chose a spot straight behind the log flume, and drenched myself this time. My whole family were laughing their heads of at me, while I stood there, freezing cold and bewildered!

At the end of the night, we headed back home. My daughter was warm and dry and tucked up in her bed. I headed of to get ready for bed myself, my t shirt was white, and I had forgotten I also had a pink bra underneath, which had kindly shown its way through that T-shirt! I was horrified, I had walked the mile back, showing my bra off to everyone who could see it! I thought my husband might have pointed it out, but I should have known that he would have left that for me to find out!

This event was over ten years ago, and I have never forgotten it. I made a pledge to remind myself never to do it again. However, we have been back to Great Yarmouth a million times since then, and yet, I still end up walking straight into the flumes path, getting drenched over again. On one of those occassions, my husband reminded me three times not to go past it, yet I still walked straight into it! The only thing left to say, is, please forgive me, this is my Stepdad's curse!

I am still telling myself it won't happen again, but I may aswell give up on that one because we all know that it will. Maybe next time I'll take shower gel and shampoo because at least I'll get a free shower from it!


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