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Chinese New Year

Spending time with parents is Chinese New Year

By gongkai2Published 2 years ago 7 min read

I left my hometown and lived in a small city for more than twenty years. Although is not far from home, but as a long work in a line of railway passenger transport worker, every Chinese New Year, at the time of national celebration, a gathering, is precisely what we work pressure, the biggest business's busiest "Spring Festival", so many years, the real chance to celebrate the Spring Festival reunion with parents are numbered, I always catch or holiday home in years ago, in a hurry.

Catch the big set, stick window flowers, tie lanterns, wear new clothes, go to relatives, Yangko dance, see shadow puppetry... Hometown these New Year's Day scenes have made my childhood and youth as gorgeous as summer flowers, they are engraved in the heart of a child who began to leave home at the age of 16 or 17, enduring, has always been so bright, so heavy......

This year is a rare holiday, just to accompany parents to have a good New Year. Back to the day is December 28, mother called early in the morning, asking what time home. Halfway to the car, the sky suddenly floated snow, spondee, big as goose feather. Nearly home, far away, I saw father and nephew standing at the mouth of the lane, head, body is a piece of white, "two aunt, we waited for more than an hour!" Little nephew excitedly ran over, looking at the age of more than seventy years, in the vast expanse of white heaven and earth quickly stand into the "snowman" old father, I love dearly almost fell to tears. In my memory, the most unforgettable thing is the standing parents. When I was a child, rural children like to play in groups around crazy, we often forget the time to play, to the meal point also do not know to go home, mother always put the food hot on the stove, in the door again and again call, stand. When in middle school early, evening study, every day before dawn mother sent me to the mouth of the alley, told the road to be careful and so on, and then saw me go to school, home at ten o 'clock at night, father will be in the dim street lamp anxiously looking, they get up early and late to accompany me for three years, rain or shine. Later, I went to school in Shijiazhuang, went to work in Qinhuangdao, went home and left again... And so, over and over again, I walked out of one of my parents' stares, and then back into the other. Used to when I was a child, after getting married, I really realized that I was still looking at the "children traveling thousands of miles mother worry" deeply concerned. I know that no matter how long they grow, how far, will never go out of the parents who love me, love me, call me, read my stand.

Back home, the mother was beaming, kept asking questions, father like a child excited to prepare food, the home suddenly lively. In fact, there is too much loneliness and waiting hidden in the depths of parents' smiles. For the elderly, every holiday, family reunion, grandchildren around the knees, sharing the family, this is their biggest hope.

On New Year's Eve, my parents put all the worries they have accumulated for a year into rich food on the table. In the cold and snow, the family sat around the fire, braising fish, boiling chicken, duck sauce, fried meatballs, dumplings...... Hands kept busy, mouth chattering about family affairs, bits and pieces, eyes also from time to time to watch the Spring Festival Gala, the streets outside the window out of the sound of firecrackers, Yingying in the ear... The whole family chat while eating, full of laughter, the warm and happy people can not help but think of "hastily cup dish for laughter, faint light words life". On the first day, I get up early to parents happy New Year, send New Year's money, and then non-stop in the neighbors, relatives, classmates home shuttle happy New Year, eat more food, Syrian not enough feelings, untold happiness... Chinese New Year is very tired, but full of heart, full of happiness, go home for Chinese New Year is a long time lost happiness, is alone in a foreign land the most missing happiness, is a lifetime can not give up happiness, in fact, where the parents are, where is home, where is the year, where is happiness.

In recent years, the small town of my hometown has become more and more urbanized. The old city keeps its original appearance and is mostly inhabited by elderly people like their parents. Even after the Spring Festival, it is a little deserted. Sister, brother and many young people moved to the new city early, the new city is very busy, built large residential buildings, there are theme square, street garden, memorial hall, stadium... The streets are full of lights and gongs, people are in a hurry to visit relatives and friends, and more and more people are driving to pay New Year's greetings... I know that with the change of The Times, the traditional and simple flavor of the New Year has been increasingly weakened, "year after year flowers are similar, year after year people are different." But people's desire for reunion, waiting for the family, the vision of the New Year is constant.

Chinese New Year is a time of joy and jubilation, but to see parents dragging their aging, sick bodies busy and slow, sad mood will be beyond words. My mother had been diagnosed several years ago that her joints were full of bone spurs and her legs were badly deformed. The hospital told her that although she was only in her sixties, her bones had worn away like those of her eighties. She was too old to be treated. She now finds it increasingly difficult to walk and stand and relies on fistfuls of pills every day to relieve the pain. My father suffered from heart disease for many years. Last year, he was diagnosed with diabetes. The serious complications made him lose weight and ache all over his muscles. Parents are farmers, they are generous, simple, hard-working, in my impression, they have never even had a dispute with people, often hanging in the mouth is "good people deserve good!" However, this sentence has become my heart forever pain: they have worked hard, busy all their lives, and now life is finally good, but they can not enjoy the old age, suffer pain all day long, God is unfair! The so-called "good people deserve good" is just a kind of interpretation of good people a blessing. Trance will think of when I was a child, the mother bought bags and bags of New Year goods to go home excitedly, flying fast; Think of the evening of the New Year's Eve, mother quickly hands knife, dumpling stuffing chop "dong dong" sound; Think of my father's strong hands holding my sister and I, let my brother sit on his broad shoulders, took us to see the fifteenth day of the lantern...... "The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside, son to raise and close not to stay", if we can turn back time, everything can come again, I am willing to give up the original KaoXue away from home, and choose to stay home and do farmers even if the rest of my life, even if life very difficult, but as long as each New Year will accompany their parents, to serve them until die, I think it is a great blessing of life. However, life without if, rather than sigh cherish, cherish and parents every time together, every reunion.

Coming home for the New Year will be over soon, just like a happy tail, very short, but there are smiles and tears, warm and peaceful, hard to give up.

In fact, will not go home, parents have been in my heart, every New Year's day......


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