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My mother

My mother's story

By gongkai2Published 7 months ago 3 min read

My mother is the most kind and gentle person I have ever seen in my life. She taught us a few brothers and sisters all her life. What is love, perseverance, honesty and kindness.

Mother marry's father, in the country that is relatively poor s, she needs to follow the cultivator, and do all kinds of farm work, to filial piety her mother-in-law father-in-law at ordinary times, also want to take care of all the big house, but she always silently, weak body, but to help his father, and carry everything in the home, also gave us brothers and sisters in ordinary is happiness of childhood.

In the 1950s, rural conditions in Taiwan were sleepy, but I remember growing up in a house that was always clean and tidy. In my mind, Windows and doors were all screened to protect our children from mosquito bites. My father used to wear old green uniforms, and my mother changed them into beautiful green clothes, jackets, and sometimes chic bow ties. Although our family was not rich, we wore neat and clean clothes since childhood, and never felt any lack.

I do believe that the so-called delicious food is the taste standard given by my mother since childhood. Many people, even if they go to the ends of the earth, often miss the most will be some of my mother's dishes, which look ordinary, but it will be the best food forever. When I was young, my mother often asked us what to eat, and we often couldn't answer, but at mealtime, there were all kinds of home-cooked dishes we liked best on the table, and she always seemed to know what we wanted to eat and what we liked.

Junior high school, the school has a distance from home, students will take lunch in the morning, at noon mother to help me to eat hot meals, she want to advance to prepare lunch, riding on a bicycle nearly an hour for me to the school gate, the wind sometimes is very strong in the country, mother is so hard for me to send a meal every day, in retrospect, her love, I really cannot return.

In the early years, there would be some beggars in the countryside. My mother would not let them come back empty-handed, but would always give them rice grains. She always tried her best to help others.

In addition to our childhood full of happiness, the impression, my mother never spoke loudly, nor any quarrel with people, she always mouth always hanging a smile, gentle people, the shallow warm smile, has been imprinted in my mind.

Left away form home, I graduated from junior high school at that time no various communication facilities, convenient for our home, she live frugally, a person to do multiple jobs, even in the evening continue to do the manual, home living room like a factory, the accumulation of small hard, just moved his family to near the station, only child in his heart, not for themselves, all considerations for their children.

When we grew up, our brothers and sisters went their separate ways and worked in different places. We had less and less time with our mother. We can imagine that my mother missed her children. In her old age, my mother was a Buddhist, and she would get up very early in the morning to recite and pray to Buddha. Her perseverance and perseverance were admirable. As a devout woman, she often participated in Buddhist activities, and often advised people to do good deeds, be kind and pray to Buddha. Coincidentally, she also died on the way to worship, leaving us forever, she said, she died to be buried at sea, we according to her will, to see her mother off, personally sprinkled her ashes into the sea, even for her annual worship, she let us omit, she is such a everywhere for others to think of people.

My mother, like the mother of the world, are ordinary and great, maternal love and mother de is also the cradle of the world forward, this society should often sing the great love of maternal love, let the world more warm and more peaceful.

Although my mother has been alive for nearly 20 years, her warmth and love have bathed me all the time. I often think of her, appreciate her, and feel that having a mother is the happiest thing in the world. Advise a mother, must take good care of mother, filial piety mother, tree wants to calm but the wind, son to raise and kiss not to stay.


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