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Children are the future

a song of becoming...

By Cezarina TronePublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 5 min read
Announcing: "Children are the Future": Song by Kym Jessing Featuring Cezarina Trone

My fingers...I watched my busy fingers typing up these words as I began to tell the story about the creation of this special song. I wrote the words down and then allowed my whole being to read them and receive them: each cell celebrating this "becoming" of something more.

It is not what we do that matters most, but what we become in the process of doing something with a loving awareness. The result of a “new becoming” is eternally gifted to our soul’s evolution.

~ Cezarina

It all began last winter as the world was still going through a tremendous

pandemic story and my husband and I found ourselves in Vallarta,

Mexico leading a quiet few month here. We were appreciating the gifts of

sunshine, vibrant tropical vegetation and incessant bird songs, sharing

meditation and sound healing within this new community and we were

enjoying making new friends from around the world. I believe it was

December of 2021 when we were first invited to the new fundraising

initiative, a variety show called “So You Think You Can Rise” supporting

the arts and music scene in Vallarta while raising funds for RISE (Refugio

Infantil Santa Esperanza), one of the children’s shelters here. We walked

into the Palm Cabaret location in Romantica Zone, and I had no idea

what to expect. There was an energy of excitement and mystery hovering

around as performers of all ages would take turns to sing or dance in

front of a panel of three judges (a familiar format borrowed from the

AGT, America’s Got Talent Show). We were told there will be six rounds,

six Sunday shows and then a grand finale to follow in February.

And I am not even sure which show out of the six rounds I was attending

when my Higher Self tugged at my heart as I first heard Kym Jessing’s

song called “Children are the Future.” But none of those details matter

now because I only want to highlight the essence of a creative journey

that knocked our socks off.

Literally knocked our socks off.

It was winter of 2021, one of the Sunday afternoon variety show rounds

and thank God I was there for that one. Someone on the stage introduced

Kym Jessing as a singer/songwriter who began her career at age 12 and

whose mission was to raise consciousness through meaningful lyrics and

melodies. Songs for higher consciousness. Of course, that got my attention

immediately. Kym was dressed modestly with a black t-shirt and blue

jeans, no glittery façade needed. It was in that first moment when I saw

Kym sitting down at the piano nonchalantly and heard those piano keys

play her original melody for the children rising that I instantly felt her

essence. Yes, that day I made a mental note to connect with Kym soon.

But of course, other life events came up and we returned to Canada for

summer and fall and I did not follow up with my mental note. And now

we fast forward to winter of 2022; the fundraising show was back in

session, and I could only attend a few Sundays, not all six weekends. It

was December 2022.

365 days later.

And as I sat down in my chair across the big room staring at that same

piano, there was Kym again, dressed in her t-shirt and blue jeans and she

sang the same song about the children rising. The universal force of

this sacred river of love for humanity, that Universal

motherhood force swelled up inside my heart and tears washed

my face in the dark room filled with many expat bodies from around

the world. And in that same moment I knew that as soon as Kym stepped

away from that piano, I was going to find her in the back room and give

her a hug. So, I did. I also thanked her for such powerful delivery.

I had no idea that next Sunday I would be at the Palm cabaret venue

again, this time in the seats closer to the piano when Kym was asked to

perform her song one more time. Tears washed my face again. Now a

sense of knowing arrived and I simply waited until the end of the show,

went to give Kym a hug and told her we would be in touch because we

now have work to do together.

These are Kym’s own reassuring words to me after I was guided to take time to remember, appreciate and cherish these essentials steps of our co-creative journey from seed to harvest by writing this pdf companion story to the song:

“And yes, Cezarina, I love the idea of the story sharing about us

getting together from the higher consciousness, and how we

literally went into the recording studio to complete this song

without actually ever spending any time together, except a

couple of hellos in passing after the shows and a few audio

messages on Facebook messenger. I think that’s fascinating and

I really, really think that’s an important issue to bring out

because I mean we both just trusted our own intuition and our

own feelings about what was happening at the time and I

believe that was really beautiful and it is really an important

point about the whole process of leading up to this song and the

fact that actually the three times I performed the song in public

you were there …which is interesting too…yeah, I love this

idea; it is a beautiful thought to give people: how we can do

things through the quantum field like this! And you know, by

the way, I haven’t been in a recording studio in a very long

time, so you getting back in there was just revolutionary! “

Kym and I had to feel deeply into the whole co-creative journey to not only understand it after it took place but to continue to nurture it as a living field of its own making. There is a reverence here. A new sense of awe arising in our being as we recognize that it was the presence of this Field (the feeling that moved us from an “inner knowing” to “soul-guided action” step by step.

Play the song here:

*If you are called to celebrate with us this story of "becoming" more through the journey of recording this song, you can download a free pdf story companion here.

Bookmark this link above. PDF guide will be available soon.

Namaste, Cezarina

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Cezarina Trone

Writing a new world into existence, bringing magic, ease & wholeness to others 'making them light up from the inside'. Apart from writing, I dedicate all my time facilitating sound therapy and quantum energy sessions: www.cezarinatrone.com

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