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Angel Numbers Are Real

The Universe Has More to Offer Us

By Trino M.Published 3 months ago 12 min read
Photos from my phone every time I looked at the phone. All angel numbers

Growing up in the small town of Jackson, Tennessee, shaped my upbringing in profound ways. The cornerstone of my childhood was my mother, a devout born-again Christian, who instilled in us the importance of faith. Church became an integral part of our lives, even though my siblings and I didn't always feel ready for the lessons that awaited us.

While my mother attended church religiously, we didn't share her fervor and attended less frequently. I, in particular, despised the experience. The solemn atmosphere and the weight of religious expectations felt suffocating. The idea of baptism, in particular, filled me with an inexplicable fear that I couldn't quite comprehend.

However, amidst my discontent, there were moments when the church revealed its more enchanting side. On special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the congregation transformed the church into a haven of abundance and togetherness. Families would prepare an abundance of food and bring it to share with everyone after the sermon. The tables would overflow with traditional dishes like mustard greens, chicken chitterlings, cornbread, yams, and delectable desserts like peach cobbler and chocolate cake. These joyous feasts, coupled with the festive Easter egg hunts, were the rare occasions when I found myself appreciating the church.

As I grew older, my mother continued to urge us to attend, but when I turned seventeen, she finally relented. It was a turning point in my life. I felt a newfound freedom to explore my own path and decided to embark on a career. Eager for a fresh start, I enlisted in the military, seeking structure and purpose. Surprisingly, I found solace in the Mass services offered, not out of religious devotion, but as a way to find a sense of belonging and fill the void left by my departure from the church.

Leaving the military, I found myself entangled in a tumultuous relationship that seemed impossible to escape. My girlfriend, consumed by jealousy, became increasingly possessive and controlling. We worked together at a local store, and even the simplest interactions sparked her ire. One fateful day, a harmless greeting to a customer triggered an explosive outburst. In a fit of rage, she reached behind the counter and retrieved a rifle that the manager had carelessly left behind. The weapon was pointed at me, and in that horrifying moment, I realized the depth of her instability.

Her words cut through the air like a chilling breeze, "If I can't have you, then nobody can." Before I could react, the deafening gunshot echoed through the store, and searing pain erupted in my right hip. The bullet had found its mark, leaving me wounded physically and emotionally.

This harrowing incident became a turning point in my life, a catalyst for change. As I lay there, grappling with the excruciating pain, I found an inner strength I didn't know existed. It was a wake-up call, a stark reminder of the importance of self-preservation and the urgency to break free from the toxic web that had ensnared me.

With unwavering determination, I summoned the courage to leave that destructive relationship, vowing never to let myself be trapped again. The road to recovery was long and arduous, requiring not only physical healing but also emotional and spiritual renewal.

During my journey of self-discovery, I found solace in the beauty of the world around me. Nature became my sanctuary, offering tranquility and a sense of awe that I had never experienced within the walls of a church. The rustling leaves whispered stories of resilience, and the gentle caress of a breeze carried hope in its embrace.

In time, I came to realize that true spirituality doesn't reside within the confines of a building or a specific set of beliefs. It permeates every aspect of our existence, woven into the tapestry of our lives. It is found in the kindness we extend to others, the compassion we show, and the love we share with those who cross our paths.

My journey led me to embrace a more individualistic and inclusive spirituality, one that celebrates the diversity of human experiences and the interconnectedness of all beings. It is a spirituality that doesn't rely on dogma or rituals but thrives on authenticity and personal growth.

Looking back on my childhood in Jackson, Tennessee, I now recognize the profound impact it had on shaping the person I have become. The church, with all its complexities and contradictions, taught me valuable lessons about resilience, community, and the quest for personal truth.

While my experiences within those hallowed walls were often fraught with discomfort and disillusionment, they propelled me on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and liberation. I emerged from the shadows of fear and control, embracing the light of my own unique spiritual path—one that resonates deep within my soul and guides me towards a future filled with compassion, authenticity, and a profound appreciation for the beauty of life.

My mother wholeheartedly embraced her role as a nurturer, endeavoring to mold me into a person of integrity and virtue. Looking back, I am profoundly grateful for the unconditional love she bestowed upon me and my siblings, as well as the fear of God she instilled within us.

My mother was unapologetic in her conviction that following God's will was paramount, often reminding us that straying from the path would lead us down a treacherous road to damnation. She earnestly implored us to treat others with the same respect and kindness that we desired for ourselves, emphasizing the timeless principle of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The notion of giving unconditionally, as if it were a precious gift, was deeply ingrained in our upbringing. We were taught to share our blessings generously, particularly with those less fortunate than us. Compassion, gentleness, and empathy were virtues she encouraged us to embody, adapting our actions according to the needs of others.

Throughout my journey, I have come to understand that self-reflection is an indispensable tool for personal growth. It is through introspection that we gain insight into our own mistakes and shortcomings, enabling us to take ownership of our actions without making excuses. My mother instilled in me the profound belief that we hold the power to shape our own minds, bodies, and behaviors. It is within our capacity to choose what is right, to strive for improvement, and to become better versions of ourselves.

While my understanding of spirituality may differ from that of my mother or anyone else, it is a deeply personal and interconnected journey between myself and the divine. I seek not the interpretations of man, but rather a profound connection with God and the universe, guided by their wisdom and grace. In a world where human understanding has often led to corruption and discord, I find solace in aligning my choices with a higher power and the cosmic forces that shape our existence.

This unique understanding, nurtured by the assistance of the universe itself, empowers me to make choices that resonate with my soul and contribute to the greater good. It encourages me to embrace a path of personal growth, guided by values of compassion, authenticity, and reverence for life. I have come to realize that God asks very little of us, yet it seems challenging for many to abide by the majority of His teachings. It is my sincere belief that by seeking divine guidance, rather than relying solely on human interpretation, we can transcend the limitations of our flawed understanding and strive for a more harmonious and enlightened existence.

In a nutshell, my upbringing in Jackson, Tennessee, under the loving guidance of my mother, instilled in me a profound appreciation for the power of faith and the pursuit of personal growth. Her teachings, rooted in scripture and unwavering devotion, taught me the importance of love, empathy, and self-reflection. While my spiritual journey may differ from those around me, it is a deeply personal quest for understanding, guided by a higher power and the cosmic forces that shape our universe. By embracing this unique understanding and aligning my choices with divine wisdom, I aspire to make a positive impact in the world, fostering compassion, authenticity, and a deep reverence for the beauty of life.


The universe, my friend, is an intricate web of synchronicity and wonder. I speak from personal experience, for I have witnessed its profound influence in my own life. Allow me to take you back to the year 2019, a time when the universe chose to reveal its presence to me in the most astonishing way.

It all began with the number 1111. I would randomly see 11, 111, 1111 seemed unreal. However It seemed to follow me everywhere, appearing on my phone, license plates, book covers, and even on the internet. It was as if the universe was sending me a message, a gentle nudge to pay attention. At first, I couldn't fathom the significance of this occurrence. How could one number captivate my attention so persistently? Doubts crept in, and I wondered if this was a sign of my time drawing near, a foreboding omen. The sheer frequency of these sightings bewildered me.

But the universe had more in store. The next day, the number 33, 333, 333 and 3333 that also made its appearance, weaving its way into the fabric of my reality. It seemed to manifest itself in the most unexpected places, reaffirming its presence throughout my day. Astonished, I found myself questioning the nature of these occurrences. Was this a cosmic joke, or was there something deeper at play?

Believe it or not my birthday is 11/11 and this date is a pretty special date as well as far as cosmically. I’ve always felt different. No one else in the family share my kind of views or is obedient to Gods word and that’s not my problem. My concerns are me and my response to every occurrence in my life where I have to make choices. Where I wanted to be rich now all I want is a relationship with the one who controls it all. It gets better however requires plenty of self reflection and work.

Then came the moment that shook me to my core—the number 666 emerged, initially as 66, and then in its full form, 666. Fear gripped me, and I couldn't help but contemplate the sinister implications. Seeking solace, I turned to the vast expanse of knowledge available at my fingertips, delving into the depths of internet research.

What I discovered was both astounding and unsettling. Each of these numbers held its own unique meaning, a symbolic language from the universe itself. As I explored their significance, I realized that these numbers were intricately tied to my present circumstances. They served as guideposts, directing me towards a path of self-improvement and growth. It was as though the universe was nudging me, urging me to pay attention, to make choices that would lead to a better version of myself.

If you find yourself skeptical of these claims, I implore you to embark on your own journey of discovery. Seek the wisdom of AI-powered searches, for they will reveal to you a wealth of information that will astound you. The messages I encountered varied, but they shared a common thread: I was on the right path, and I needed to continue with unwavering determination. Additionally, I learned the invaluable lesson of not allowing overthinking to consume me. Often, I would find myself trapped in a cycle of worry, fretting over things beyond my control. But the truth is, worry does not alter the situation at hand. It merely serves to imprison us in negativity.

In those moments, I turned to the serenity prayer, a beacon of solace and wisdom. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." These words became my mantra, reminding me to let go of the futile worries and focus on the lessons hidden within each experience. For it is through adversity that we grow, and by making better choices, we transcend the confines of our past.

Seeing numbers from that day till this day is mind blowing and so transformative. I know I’ve changed I feel it and I clearly see the indifference from then to now.

Now, I invite you to embrace the captivating dance between the universe and your own existence. Allow yourself to be open to the signs and synchronicities that surround you. Embrace the wisdom that lies within, and trust in the transformative power of self-reflection and choice. May your journey be filled with awe-inspiring revelations, and may you discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

In the depths of our own homes, a journey unfolds, one that often takes us far from the path of God. We may wander aimlessly, searching for meaning and purpose, unaware of the void that exists within us. Yet, deep down, we sense that there is something greater, something divine that calls to us.

As we traverse the intricacies of life, there comes a moment when the realization dawns upon us like a gentle whisper. We come to understand that the hollow ache within can only be filled by the presence of God. In that profound moment, our hearts ignite with a fervent desire to seek and embrace the will of the divine, transcending the limitations of human understanding.

Contemplating the mysteries of existence, we may find ourselves questioning the authenticity of history and the texts that have shaped our beliefs. The erasure and manipulation of historical records throughout time lead us to ponder whether even the sacred Bible itself has been altered to suit the whims and desires of mankind, rather than reflecting the true nature of God.

This, however, is merely my opinion, and I share it not to dissuade you from your own beliefs. Each individual's spiritual journey is unique and personal. I can only speak from my own experience, detached from the perspectives of my upbringing. My vote, so to speak, is cast solely in favor of God.

In the pursuit of truth, it is essential to embark upon a quest that transcends the confines of dogma and tradition. We must engage with our faith in a manner that is both engaging and compelling, seeking a genuine and unfiltered understanding of God's will. By doing so, we liberate ourselves from the limitations imposed by human interpretations and open our hearts to the divine presence that resides within and around us.

May your own journey be blessed with revelation and enlightenment as you navigate the intricate tapestry of faith. Embrace the uncharted territories of your soul, for it is there that you will uncover the profound connection between your spirit and the divine. And in that sacred communion, may you find the strength and guidance to forge a path that is uniquely yours, anchored in the unwavering love and wisdom of God.

This part of life may not exist, if I didn’t get the proper guidance I needed to understand how to lead and live a productive prosperous life.

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