A Very Different Fairy Tale

For All the Single Parents out There Trying Hard

A Very Different Fairy Tale
My Beautiful Daughter Isabella Amore Lauren 💗

This book is dedicated to my beautiful daughter—Isabella Amore-Lauren Yandoli.

Words will never be able to describe how much I love you, how much you mean to me. I am beyond blessed to have you as my daughter.

I am so proud of you.

You are my world, my heart, My sunshine.

I love you more than you will ever know



And for all the single parents out there trying hard to give your babies the best life possible, this is a book to help them understand their way.

A Very Different Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived the Sun Queen. Every day was wonderful in the kingdom. The Sun Queen was a happy, kind, and fun-loving queen and spent most of her days riding her unicorns. She was very happy but something always seemed to be missing.

One day while the Sun Queen was out riding her unicorn, she came across a mysterious cave. She was drawn to it, there was something about it she just couldn’t turn away. As she ventured inside she realized it was the forbidden cave, but hadn’t realized till she was too deep inside. She was enchanted by this dark glow. Unable to stop, she got closer and closer. And then she saw him, the Moon King.

He turned around and their eyes locked; they fell so deep in love, a love like no other. But this love was a dangerous love. It was forbidden. It was said that if the Sun and the Moon were to come together, it would create a darkness that would spread throughout the kingdom and it would stay for all of eternity. The kingdom would crumble and all would be lost.

The King and the Queen stayed together and, as it was once said, the kingdom was covered in darkness.

The King and the Queen knew that they could not stay together for the sake of the kingdom.

Their love was so deep and so strong and with that love, they were blessed, with a beautiful daughter—Sunshine. Some would say she was an angel, the most beautiful girl the world had ever seen, and destined for greatness. She was the sunshine that had always been missing; her smile, her laughter lifted the darkness, she had saved the kingdom from destruction. She made the days brighter and made each and every day perfectly wonderful.

The King returned to his kingdom, and the Queen and Princess to theirs. But before the Moon King left, he made the stars, so that Sunshine could look at them and always be reminded of how much he loves her.

Sunshine had saved the kingdom, she gave the Moon King the most beautiful glow, more beautiful than ever before.

And she gave the Sun Queen her shine, this shine was so amazing, so perfect, so wonderful—that no word could ever describe its beauty.

Sun Queen and Princess Sunshine lived happily ever after riding their unicorns and having every day filled with joy and laughter, and of course we can't forget their faithful giant dog always protecting Princess Sunshine.

And when Sunshine got sad and missed the Moon King, she knew she could look at the stars and she would feel all the love from him in every single one. Every night she lay in bed staring out her widow at the stars...

As the Moon King waited for his turn to glow over the kingdom, so he could watch over his Princess as she was asleep.

The End

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