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A Girl Is Raped

Be careful girls

By SN SHAHINPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

My husband and his friends raped me at home and left me half dead on the river bank.
The body is writhing in great pain. Eyes are closing, breathing is difficult. And I don't think I have much time.

Since I was 10 years old, I have been very quiet. So father and mother affectionately named him "Aduri". One day I was playing near our backyard.

Suddenly I heard someone crying in our room. So I ran into the room.
My father is crying and my mother is sleeping next to me. I was young then so I did not understand that this was my mother's last sleep. And my mother will not get up.
I was crying thinking about this, but I didn't know what death is. After that day mother did not wake up again.

After that my father thought about my happiness and got married again. Let's get another new mother, the previous mother is rotten, she just sleeps and doesn't wake up.
And my new mother is very good, she brings me new clothes and toys. But this happiness did not last long.

My previous mother was good and never beat me. But the new mother always beat me, made me do heavy work.
One day I heard who hanged a noose with a tree in the eastern neighborhood.
I didn't know what a leak was, that day I understood what a leak meant. I ran there and saw my father hanging from the tree, just like we hang from the swing. I also like to swing on the swing.

But no one listened to me. That day my father also fell asleep like my mother.
People say that my new mother along with Rafiq killed my father and hanged him from the tree.
Rafiq is my uncle's name, my own uncle. My new mother had a secret relationship with him. So they both killed my father when the father caught his grandson. How did my uncle kill his own brother?

That day the police came to our village. Never seen the police before. So I ran to see them. Very tall men, they had very big guns with them. They tied up my new mother and uncle. And my father's dead body.

It seemed very lonely that day. There is no one at home and it is completely empty.
I cried a lot, the aunt of the house next door came and asked me to eat. You have to struggle to live.

I did not understand the meaning of struggle then. Still, I nodded and agreed.

The next day my uncle came and took me to their house. My father's house was in my name, maybe it was his greed that gave this helpless girl a place in their house.

To people, uncle's house means a pot of juice. But for me it's the other way around. Because he had to sleep there day and night like a servant.
If you work less for a day, that day's rice is stopped. I can't count how many nights I slept without food.

One night I was sleeping, I was suddenly woken up by the touch of someone's hand. I looked up and saw how my little uncle was looking at me. I was 13 then.
I got up and asked my uncle, do you have to do any work, uncle?

Mama then smiled at me and said, "You don't have to do anything, just lie down." I did not understand anything of uncle's words. But later I realized when he hugged me and started kissing me.

He held my face as I cried. After much pleading, Kakuti was not saved. That day I understood what rape is.

I was bleeding a lot, I cried a lot. While leaving, uncle says if I tell anyone about this, he will kill me. So I didn't say anything to anyone out of fear, and it's no use telling anyone, no one will believe me.

Exactly 1 year later when I turned 14 my uncle took everything from our house.
I could not say anything, the last memory of father and mother also ended.

My aunt called my uncle one day and said, ``Now take this understanding off our shoulders.'' I have a friend who I know and I will marry him. I will marry a poor boy so that I don't have to pay dowry.
The next day I was married to a stranger. No one knows him, he lives in a far away village. So I got married when I came to see.

I also wanted a lot, I will be happy when I get married. But Aduri was only a name, I didn't get love.

Then took me to a house. No one is home, what a strange house. Is this my father-in-law's house?
I was sitting in the living room waiting for my husband to come. But my husband and his friends together raped me. I could not even beg for my life from them. I was raped and left on the river bank. My frozen body lies on the ground.

Suddenly, the sky was covered with clouds, and suddenly, with a loud sound, lightning fell and disappeared.

Only this much was written in the book. After the story, tears came to Nijhum's eyes. I became interested in reading the last part. I often go to their old library and pass the time reading stories. He has just passed the SSC exam this time in college.
He takes that book to his father and says father what happened to the last pages of this book?

Nijhum's father Sohel Chowdhury saw the book in Nijhum's hand and grabbed it with his paw. And said _ where did you get this book?

Nijhum _ was in our library.

Sohail Chowdhury _ You will not take this book again. And don't enter the library without my permission.

Nijhum leaves without saying anything. Nijhum thought to himself, I did not know what happened at the end of poor Aduri.
Answer: He was thinking about the plot of the story. I fell asleep thinking about that at night.

In the night, I wake up to catch the cold. Seeing that the wind is coming in through the window, it is cold.
Nijhum gets up and goes to close the window. As he went near the window, he saw a girl standing in the courtyard of their house dressed as a bride.

Nijhum gets a bit nervous.

Nijhum said who are you? What are you doing here at night? As soon as Nijhum finished speaking, the bride looked at Nijhum.

Nijhum looked at her face and her body started shaking with fear. Seeing the black marks on his face and the blood coming out of his eyes.
_Nijhum help me___


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