6 Ways to Give Back to the Community as a Family This Winter

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Serve and Grow Closer Together as Family

6 Ways to Give Back to the Community as a Family This Winter

Although serving your community all year around is very important, it is especially important during the winter months, when temperatures are very cold and frigid in most areas. Getting the whole family involved in helping the community is not only a great way to make an impact on the environment around you, but is also a great way to teach kids about those less fortunate and how to give back. Below are a few simple ways to help serve the community as a family, especially during the winter months.

Serve Food

One great way to help serve the community during the cold winter months is to serve food at a soup kitchen or church. Soup kitchens provide food to those less fortunate, who may be struggling to feed themselves and their families. Soup kitchens are typically abundant during major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Donate Food

Another great way to feed those less fortunate especially in the cold winter months is to donate food. There are many food banks and soup kitchens, especially in major cities that accept food donations, especially during the holiday months. Some good things to donate include canned goods, since they last a long time, and boxed items that can be made quickly and easily, such as instant mashed potatoes. For more information on how to find a food bank in your city visit https://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank.

Make Blankets

Another great way to help give back to the community, especially during the cold winter months, is to make blankets. Not only is this a great activity to do as a family, but it is also a great way to keep those less fortunate warmer during the cold months. Head to the local supply store and grab materials, such as fleece fabric and wool, which keep individuals warmer, longer. Spend a few hours a day with friends and loved ones sewing blankets that can be donated to local shelters and even orphanages.

Donate Coats

Another great way to help serve the community in the winter is to donate new, or even old, used coats. Many homeless kids and children are without proper winter gear, making it a cold and unbearable winter for some. Consider donating old or gently-used coats to those less fortunate. There are many clothing drop boxes all around the United States, and some organizations even hold coat drives during the winter months. For more information on where individuals can donate coats visit https://www.onewarmcoat.org/donatecoats/.

Donate Blood

Many organizations hold blood donation drives during the holidays as a way for individuals to give back to the community. Consider donating blood to those in need. Not only does it help save a life, but it is also a great way to teach your family about helping those in need. For more information on how to donate blood, visit https://www.redcrossblood.org/.

Sing Christmas Carols

Although this may not be an activity for everyone, it is a fun and interesting way to brighten up the winter holiday season. Circling the neighborhood, or even some local churches, and singing Christmas carols as a family is a great way to lighten the mood, and also interact with the locals. Perhaps get other neighbors involved, and put on a big Christmas Carol show.

These are just a few of the many different ways you can give back to the community during the winter months. Some other great things include volunteering at the local animal shelter, mentoring children at school, holding a fundraising night for a family in need, as well as simple things, such as shoveling a senior citizen's driveway. Any little bit that gives back to the community helps teach kids a lesson about giving back, and also helps those in need.

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