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5 Reasons Black Mothers Support their LGBTQ Children

by Carla Dee 6 months ago in lgbtq

And Why You Should Join Us


Although there are a million reasons why! In this post, I will highlight just 5 reasons Black mothers support their LGBTQ children. Despite the reality of living in a world that still sadly communicates all sorts of negative messaging about and towards LGBTQ people and those who support them. Let us as Black mothers be ever so mindful and unapologetically resolved to refute every one of them. Crumbling every negative message with the kryptonite of the power of our unconditional love for our children. Let us encourage one another (as well as others) to do the same until "LoveWins" is a reality and not just a hashtag!

L: for LOVE


Reason 1: BMIST mothers support their LGBTQ children because they unconditionally LOVE them! In the life of a BMIST mother "LoveWins" really is a life principle and not just a hashtag. The unconditional love we exert for our LGBTQ children is simply a matter of the heart. (Click here to read post)

G: for GIFT


Reason 2: BMIST mothers support their LGBTQ children because they understand that every little human that they are able to birth into the world is a GIFT. And we have resolved to embrace our gifts with open hearts and open arms. Even the ones that are uniquely different and are in a category all of their own.



Reason 3: BMIST mothers support their LGBTQ children because regardless of how and what they believe. Ultimately they believe that birthing life into the world is a BLESSING of which all women have not been afforded. And we don't take our blessings for granted. Not one of them.



Reason 4: BMIST mothers support their LGBTQ children because they are THANKFUL for the lives of ALL of the children they have been blessed to birth. Period. Because as previously stated. We don't take our blessings for granted. We count all our blessings and we are thankful.



Reason 5: BMIST mothers support their LGBTQ children because they are naturally QUALIFIED to do so. "We got this" because:

1. This is an acceptable, normal, and natural role for a mother. Note: A mother rejecting her child is not normal or natural. (See my post on LGBTQ Children and Matters of a Mother's Heart post).

2. We are in fact the only ones who are qualified. Remember always. We are our children's mothers. No one else. In other words. There is no one (I repeat absolutely no one) on the outside of us whose opinions, thoughts, directions, suggestions, insinuations, mandates, threats etc…should have more power over us than the greatest power of all. And that is. The powerful love that is within our very own hearts.

3. What we know for sure. We know that it is our decision to decides how we will relate to our LGBTQ children and ultimately that the choice is in our hands and always has been. We've learned to trust the strength, courage, and wisdom that resides in and through us more than anything that comes externally. Like I said, "We got this"!


What Say You?

In this post, I've shared 5 reasons Black mothers support their LGBTQ children. If you are reading this post. And you just happen to be a Black mother and your child is LGBTQ. Then I hope you will join me and other Black mothers in this BMIST Love Revolution. We are mothers who have made the choice that when it comes to supporting our LGBTQ children that doing so fearlessly and unapologetically is the rule and not the exception.

Let us all join together around this unique mothering experience and be sure to do our part in making a positive impact in the world for the greater good of ALL black children. LGBTQ and otherwise.

And so it is! And so be it! What say you?

Until the next time…

Much Love & Peace

CarlaDee, BMIST Founder (#NotAnLGBTQexpertJustAMother)

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Carla Dee
Carla Dee
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