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When consulting a uPVC window fitter, it’s normal to have plenty of doubts in mind.

When consulting a uPVC window fitter, it’s normal to have plenty of doubts in mind.

By K&K WindowsPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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You can expect most of them to vanish when you know the steps taken by the professionals to render a flawless installation.

uPVC windows are the go-to solutions for many properties in the UK. Almost 90% agreed to choose the low-maintenance building material and a close substitute for painted wood for window installation (Source: Independent Advisor). On investigation, it was found that features like durability, affordability, and energy efficiency, when paired with double or triple glazing, contributed to the strong desire for such materials.

The strengths of uPVC windows are best realised when installed correctly. Poorly done setup often results in homeowners missing out on the benefits. More than that aspect, it compromises the safety of families and employees. This is when one realises the significance of professionals adept at custom window solutions. When engaging one, you can expect the work to progress, keeping the safety requirements and building regulations in mind.

How Does a Project for uPVC Window Installation Proceed?

What more can you anticipate? A step-by-step approach for a prompt installation. Let us navigate you through them so you are informed of the standard approach commonly followed by window fitters in the UK.

1. Preparation

A technician in charge of this step begins by measuring the dimensions of an existing window. You may watch him remove furnishings or an ornament surrounding them. This is conducted for the process to be hassle-free. Then, the technicians take turns checking whether the dimensions of the old and new windows correlate. Before moving over to the next step, you may also find him ensuring that the opening of the older windows is wider than the new ones for the installation to be flawless.

2. Removal

For laying the groundwork, the removal of existing windows is necessary. When a professional takes up the responsibility, he uses durable dustsheets to cover the surroundings. Then, the expert proceeds to get rid of all the opening sashes with a screwdriver. At this moment, you will notice him cracking open all the extra glasses from the inside. Never block him from doing so; it’s done for proper disposal. Lastly, he will eliminate the frame members by using a crosscut on the plaster seal.

3. Installation

This step involves placing the window sill into the brickwork, fitting it securely against the window jambs, and bolting it. The hoisting of uPVC windows follows, making sure they position themselves perfectly into the opening. Opening sashes, if any, are shut and locked for proper fittings. This step typically ends with a closer examination of the screw heads to prevent glass positioning from going wrong.

4. Sealing

The purpose of this step is to prevent noise, mosquitoes, and other external elements from entering your living or working space. It is done by caulking around the frames with a water-based foam sealant. Butyl rubber is another alternative to complete the installation work.

The entire process may sound elaborative and meticulous, but a single window hardly takes 30 minutes to install when conducted by a professional. Of course, DIY is possible, but custom window solutions from a specialist ensure the desired results. Moreover, there are no risks of incurring structural damage. Adding to the list of benefits is the freedom to experiment with colour, lamination, glass, hardware, mesh, and grill customisation. If you wish to realise all the pluses of professional uPVC window installation, partner with a professional today.

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