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What is Honeygain?

A brief explanation of Honeygain, a crowdsourced network company that enables users to share their internet connection in exchange for payment.

By Zorica MalicPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The first ever program, #Honeygain, enables users to earn money online by selling access to their internet connection. Now, people can utilize all of their empty data plans and don't waste any of it! It's a really effortless passive revenue!

In essence, by operating Honeygain, you use your internet link to generate income for yourself. The app enables proxy services for third parties, including data scientists, Fortune 500 firms, and other reliable businesses. Researchers from e-commerce, advertising, and web intelligence businesses use the Honeygain network. To produce market research, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, transport fare aggregation, and SEO monitoring services, these businesses use Honeygain to extract insights from the web.

Detailed instructions on how to get started can be found here

Honeygain application is available for the following platforms:

  • #Android
  • #Windows
  • #macOS
  • #iOS
  • #Linux

The connection between the app and Honeygain is completely encrypted and inaccessible to outsiders, ensuring that the confidential information is secure. You can earn money from home without worrying about protection!

Honeygain does not collect any data from its users. The only data required for the service are your email address, your IP address and the selected payment methods.

How much internet they use, determines how much you get compensated. Currently, 10 GB equals $1 USD, and 1 credit is given for every 10 MB of data that passes through your network. This indicates that there are no security risks and each credit is worth one cent!

When your earnings hit $20, a "Payout Request" button will appear. Then, choose "Payout Request." Within one working day, Honeygain's partner Tipalti will send you an email. Sign up for #Tipalti using your #PayPal account. Verify your PayPal balance.

If you want to earn your first $5 you can sign up here

You will receive a 10% bonus of your friends' daily profits as soon as they create an account with us and begin sharing their internet bandwidth with Honeygain. Please be aware that only your referrals' immediate/actual profits are taken into account. That implies that neither the 10% of their $5 sign-up bonus nor any earnings from their own recommendations (your referrals' referrals) would go to you.

A $5 credit will be added to the overall credit count for each new account that is created using a referral link or code.

If you want to learn how to invite your friends to join Honeygain as your referrals, please click here.

Sign up here to get your $5

Why don't my recommendations give me any bonuses?

If you don't get any referral bonuses, it's conceivable that your referrals aren't giving Honeygain access to their internet bandwidth.

Open Dashboard and select the Transactions history view on the left to see if that is the situation. All credit activities that are occurring on your account will be visible to you. There, you could view your referral incentive earnings from the day before. Even though you have peers listed on the #Referral list, if you don't see any transactions coming from your referrals, it probably means that they aren't using their shared internet bandwidth or haven't installed and opened the Honeygain.

Honeygain also provides various analytics and tracking tools to its users, allowing them to monitor their earnings and the performance of their internet connection.

Moreover, the company has a mobile app that enables users to easily share their internet connection from their mobile devices.

Finally, Honeygain has a support team that users can contact in case of any issues or concerns.

Here you can see a lot about Honeygain, what additional features it offers and how to earn as much passively as possible.


Thanks for reading my stories, putting heart and signing up.

It is recommended that you share this with those who really use the computer for more than 1 hour a day, it will mean a lot!


This story contains a referral link, which means I can earn extra money if someone signs up through that link. Thank you in advance ;)

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