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Traditional Schooling vs Homeschooling

Ever since mankind laid its cultural foundation, time-honored methods of education have been dictated. Since then education has undergone many changes over time.

By Shahana hussainPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Traditional Schooling vs Homeschooling
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There was a time, when education was a privilege that only certain sections of the society got. Over time, education has become one of the basic rights of mankind courtesy of the visionaries who brought forth education’s importance.

But with the ever changing educational landscape, there were parents who could not accept some changes and decided to educate their children at home. This is how the idea of ​​homeschooling came to be.

Ever since mankind laid its cultural foundation, time-honored methods of education have been dictated. Since then education has undergone many changes over time.

Traditional schooling is popular, but homeschooling is gaining popularity, so a comparative study between them is necessary. Both approach education differently. Both methods have their own advantages and challenges.


UAE’s Ministry of Education has recognised the benefits of homeschooling. There are certain pin-pointed benefits of homeschooling which make them equivalent to public/regular schools in UAE. School admission in Dubai has become a real challenge for parents concerned about different problems associated with traditional schools.

Perks Of Homeschooling Vs. Traditional Schooling

*Saves time on transit to school -

Parents choose homeschooling for efficient use of their child's time by cutting transit time. However, it requires Tedious Time Management. Demands parental time for careful attention and management, offsetting the child's saved transit time.

*Tailored Curriculum -

Homeschooling allows parents to choose teaching methods and content, balancing personal ideals in education. Excessive parental control in homeschooling may limit a child's expression and uniqueness.

*Flexible environment -

Homeschooling tailors schedules to children's needs, making learning enjoyable and easily integrated into routines. However, catering excessively to a child's interests may hinder key social skills essential for development.

*Safety -

Safety drives parents to choose homeschooling, as it allows close monitoring, reducing associated risks significantly. Homeschooling's overprotective nature may deprive children of practical knowledge about dangers, hindering the development of responsible awareness.

In Traditional Schooling the perks involve the following:

*Shared responsibilities -

Traditional schools support comprehensive child development, providing parents space for deeper emotional connections. There is also the downside that Traditional schools aim for equal opportunities but may leave children needing special care behind.

*Multiple levels of socialization -

Traditional schooling provides a safe space for real-world experiences, fostering strong interpersonal skills through diverse interactions. Traditional schools enable peer interactions, but influence on undesirable behavior may necessitate careful parental intervention resulting in peer pressure and influence.

*Social skill development -

Common rules in traditional schools teach essential skills like cooperation, teamwork, and time-management for future real-world application. Traditional schools may demand outputs beyond a child's capacity, causing stress and potential dropouts without individualized support.

*Developing independence and resilience -

Traditional schools with careful guidance expose children to life's realities, fostering practical knowledge and skills for future problem-solving.Unsupervised, self-awareness development can lead to problematic use of undesirable methods for problem-solving in real world scenarios.

From what has been compared so far, traditional schooling if incorporated with the aspects of individualized care offered by homeschooling can avoid several existing critical flaws. Pre kg schools in Dubai have been addressing this issue for a considerable time as the curriculum for them has been transformed to be more holistic with individual care and cooperative classroom environments as top priorities.

UAE CBSE schools seem to be a great choice for most students as they are praised for their student centric approach. With really experienced educators who constitute the staff strength, CBSE schools in Dubai have been successful in maintaining their reputation for being able to evolve by hand-picking and integrating the perks of homeschooling.

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