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Science: TV & Movies vs. Reality

TV & Movies are Wrong

By Ferrari KingPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Many people think they are experts on science because of what they see on TV and movies. Whenever they hear about research being done by a real life science they will have to behave as if they know more than the researcher because they saw that particular experiment fail or something horrible happen. With the Hadron Collider people actually believed portals will open and monsters will show up or it would form a black hole destroying the world. Creationist and flat-earthers are laughable but think they know more about science than scientist but they will never try to disprove a scientific theory, (assuming they even know what a scientific theory is) and get a Nobel Prize, money and other awards. Scientists would love to be disproven since it means more money for research meaning more jobs. Again as I put in many of these articles, here is a fantastic video to help you understand what a scientific theory is by Hank Green: People have been wrongfully been convicted by DNA evidence because people believe more what they see on TV than the experts on the witness stand. These same people don't mind increase our already bloated military budget but will scream to high heaven if we put more more money into research, science and education.

Remember science must be backed up by evidence unlike what you see on TV or movies. In an episode of a TV series called Sliders the Professor is captured by is double on a parallel universe who convinces people he discovered a way to travel to parallel worlds without providing evidence and scientist believe him. Sorry but science doesn't work that way. Even to form a hypothesis you must have some evidence. There is a reason why we have peer-review in science. Also, unlike many TV shows and movies a scientist doesn't know all fields of science and there exists no one like Urkle from family Matters that just knows everything about science. Science is way to vast just like history and other disciplines for any one person to know everything. Only armchair scientist know everything just like they can play football or other sports better than the teams they are watching. Some people seem to think that scientists are just as careless as they see in movies such as Jurassic Park and Deep Blue Sea but sorry folks those are fiction.

Science isn't debatable. W have peer-review were you must present actual experiments and proofs of what we are claiming. You do not get on stage with someone that disagrees with you. You both do research and go through peer-review. You may think something is obvious but science has shown what we thought was obvious was wrong but in movies and TV shows they try to make scientists look like fools or monsters, at least in some movies and TV shows.

No matte what anyone may like to believe but your favorite political party and people claiming to support your ideology will do what they can to manipulate science and if you think your side is innocent than you are naïve. All sides will suppress the science that disproves their pet beliefs because they all know science doesn't care about your opinions or beliefs, only facts. This doesn't mean that science is perfect.

People on TV have actually convinced people that adding pollution and CO2 to the atmosphere is not harmful. This is what happens when people listen to the talking head on TV. Reporters and journalist tend to get many things wrong when reporting science so try to fid the actual article. Many times you will find the journalist lied, misrepresented it or just has no idea what they are talking about. Terms such as: this turns science o its head, scientists are baffled, challenges long held beliefs and a few more are red flags that what you are reading is garbage. It's the same if they say scientists say or experts say because science doesn't have role-models or people held on pedestals, everyone must provide evidence so no one in science cares what a scientist says without evidence.

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