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Is College Worth It?

To go to College or not to go to College

By Ferrari KingPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Many people once dreamed of getting a higher education by going to college or University but now we all see these these institutions don't actually provide their students with much of a future. These places offer worthless majors without telling their students they are worthless and I am not just talking about things like women's studies. There are plenty of STEM majors that will get you a poor return. It would be great if our government passed a law requiring colleges and universities to provide data about how much in demand a particular major is and how much you can expect to get paid when you first start, not the average salary since that will just inflate the pay. Imagine you are some idiot like me who gets a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry as well as taking tons of medical courses such as Immunology, Pathology, Embryology and more only to barely be able to find a job that pays very poorly because many STEM jobs requiring you to be a post doc with 10 years of experience and will pay $35,000 a year. I had hoped to go to Medical School but that didn't happen. Please watch this video on my gaming channel and subscribe I also want to add, why would anyone want to go to an Ivy League University such as Harvard considering how horrid they are. If it wasn't for their 400 year reputation (which they have destroyed) and large sums of money they would just be a 5th rate University. Ivy league universities are were rich kids that never have to work get together to make connections and after they graduate make laws that effects those of us that are not rich and have to work. They are trash in my humble opinion.

When I was at University we had a guy that liked to preach on campus we called Rudy. He would tell women they were going to hell for wearing short skirts or tight clothes. He was your typical street preacher and you may run into his kind on college. Notice these religious types complain about persecution but they go onto college campuses and the streets to harass people and even pass horrid laws. You do not see atheists such as myself explaining science and history at their churches and explaining how their book is myth.

I have seen videos of brainwashed college kids protesting white professors and blocking the paths for white students forcing them to walk through mud or water. You many have to deal with this nonsense. Remember Americans are not taught or barely taught how the Muslims invaded and colonized North Africa as well as Spain and Portugal for almost 800 years. In fact they are happy about it. They are never taught how the Turks slaughtered, and/or enslaved the white population that once lived were Turkey is now at. We will not even mention heh Mongolians and North Africans invading and attempting to colonize parts of Europe. Most colleges and Universities try to make this sound like a good things as if it's positive when this barbarity happens to Europe but bad when this barbarity happens to other cultures. They are barely taught about the Crusades, of course they can tell you all the negatives but not what started the crusades besides trying to take back Jerusalem.

Expect many of your professors to be rude. My Organic Professor yelled, "Get the hell out of my office," to a female student just saying hi to him. I once walked up to my pathology professor to turn something in and my Clinical Biochemistry professor told me he had no time for me which I simply responded I am not here for him. Luckily my Pathology professor was kinder. My biochemistry professor tried to fail everyone on the second exam but when we passed he told us he will get us on the third. He even got eth glycogenic cycle wrong and told us to figure it out. One day it was pouring rain and his car broke down so people just drove by him, honked and waved at him as they drove past.

Avoid the dorms at all costs. I remember how nasty people are. They are rude, loud and very dirty. They will clean their butts with a rag and leave it blocking the shower. They put toilet paper on the floor and have their alarm clocks going off late at night. They rub their bellies while they say they are a pretty boy. They are drunk, loud and obnoxious. I have written an eBook about the Awful Truth about Collège as well as made videos. Here is my Avoid the Dorms video: and my entire playlist about college:

I hope you enjoyed and remember you can try trade schools and other alternatives.


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I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games, BS in Molecular Biology. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my wonderful LinkTree you should check for all links:

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    Ferrari KingWritten by Ferrari King

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