Principal or Bully?

by amanda mollett 11 months ago in student

Where do you go when you get no help protecting your child?

Principal or Bully?

I thought I was sending my daughter to a good school. One where she would be safe and have fun...I was wrong!

My daughter is 11 years old now and in the fifth grade. She goes to a school where I thought she would make friends and have fun, learn something, and of course feel safe when her world was already crashing down on her.

What we got instead was a teacher that scared her, made fun of her and the other kids in the class, one who didn't believe when she got bullied and a teacher that would not do anything about a girl hurting my daughter in gym class or in her regular class. As well as a principal who didn't believe her, who came straight out and said she wasn't being bullied and not only refused to anything about it but also had made trouble for me for being there for my child.

There's a girl in my daughters class who threatens kids in her class and in the other fifth-grade class constantly with the fact that her parents are in the military. This is a scare tactic for this girl to get what she wants and to be mean without having the worry that she is going to get told on or get into any trouble. However, she did not count on one of the kids standing up to her or the parents doing the same. This girl has tried to trip my daughter so she'd fall flat on her face. I have been told by other kids in her class that in the gym she purposely tried to hit her in the face when playing volleyball. She has shoved, elbowed, tripped, threatened my child as well as talked bad about me to where my daughter felt she needed to defend me.

As a parent, I except both of my kids to not only safe but also feel safe and secure when they are in someone else's care. Whether it be school, church, daycare, or a friends house we as parents assume our kids will be safe when not in our care. For me, if you can't protect my kid, then she will no longer be a part of that church. She will no longer be allowed to go to that friends' house if I can't know she is safe. Why should the school she go to be any different?

I tried everything and felt like a failure for my child. I told the teacher many times, talked to the principal, the counselor, I tried to get information for the other parents so that I could contact them about their daughter and the problems, I passed them a note along with my name and phone number, nothing was working. I witnessed this girl picking on my daughter and because they claim they were there and didn't see they decided to not do anything about it. I saw this girl once again at recess when I was visiting my daughter picking on her so I said something and also told my daughter to not worry because if they wouldn't do something about it then I would. The little girl went up to the teacher and said I threatened her, when I told her what really happened she refused to listen so I told her that if she refused to do anything about the bully even there are bully laws now I would do it myself. And I did! So many people don't do anything but they talk a talk of wanting to do something. Let's not let our kids become victims. Let's protect our kids.

How does it work?
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