Preparing to Write a Text – Half of Success

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Do you want to be a successful writer? Prepare to write the best texts!

Preparing to Write a Text – Half of Success

Having a text to write can sometimes seem like a complex and very long task. Indeed, there are several steps to follow to write a good text. However, when one is well prepared, and especially when one uses the right method, writing a text may seem simpler.

Understand the components of the communication situation.

Before you start planning to write a text, do not forget that writing is a form of communication. It is therefore important to think about all the components of the communication situation in order to respect them in the text that we write.

The following questions are asked to clearly delineate the communication situation:

  1. Who is the text addressed to?
  2. What is the purpose that motivates the writing of this text?
  3. In what context should this text be written?

Plan text writing.

Before you start writing the text, you have to know what you mean. This means that, before making the plan of our text, we must reflect on our subject. It is important, to guide this step, to keep in mind the instructions and all the components of the communication situation to respect.


During the brainstorming stage, everything that crosses our minds is indiscriminate.

  1. We use a sheet to note down all the ideas that emerge from our head and that are related to the task at hand. We can separate the elements by aspect, but we do not worry at this stage of structuring them officially.
  2. We create a lexical field in connection with the subject—it will be a very useful tool to ensure a rich and varied vocabulary in the text.

The Selection of Ideas

Among the ideas that have been put on paper during brainstorming, we choose the ones that seem the most interesting, the most important, or the most appropriate depending on the type of text to be written: descriptive, narrative, informative, explanatory, argumentative, etc.

With a highlighter, we highlight ideas that have been put on paper during the brainstorming stage and that are considered more interesting to incorporate into the text.

Make a plan.

Even in the case of a teacher-imposed plan, the majority of the texts will have to include an introduction, a development, and a conclusion.

The plan is there to guarantee a certain coherence to the text to be produced. The plan is not only there to determine in a few words that will be discussed in each paragraph. It can also be used to include more detailed ideas, examples, quotes, etc. We can say that the plan is the frame of the text: the more precise and coherent it is, the stronger the text will be.

Write the text.

This stage consists mainly of writing the draft, the correction of it and its setting.

The Draft

The draft must be written from the plan. We do not forget to respect the ideas and their order. Examples are also included. We develop the purpose to make it as clear as possible.

  1. If possible, it is advisable to have this draft read in order to have as many comments as possible on the quality of the language and the clarity of the speech.
  2. We read several times, each time with a different mission. Thus, we focus on the variety of vocabulary in a first reading; at a second reading, we focus instead on the formulation of sentences and so on.
  3. At the very end, we are concerned about the revision of the spelling of words and their agreement. To do this, we use all the tools that are available to us.
  4. A color correction code is used to highlight the words that must be matched together.

The Clean

When writing the final version, you must be very careful not to make additional mistakes.

Before handing over your work, reading your text one last time starting with the last sentence can help identify the latest errors that are still present in the text. Starting at the end to go back to the beginning will help the writer to focus more on spelling and grammar mistakes than on the meaning of the text.

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