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Pearl Birthstones: Everything You Need To Know

Pearl Gemstone Buying Guide

By Ouros Jewels Published about a year ago 3 min read

Pearls are the only jewels that are derived from a living creature. Mollusks like oysters and mussels generate these priceless jewels that people have coveted since antiquity. Despite their availability in a wide range of sizes and forms, white and nearly perfectly round gems remain the most popular. Pearls are famed for their stunning beauty, which stems from their characteristic shine, often known as a jewel's lustre. 

Pearl history and how pearls are formed

Pearls have been worn as jewellery for millennia, dating back to ancient Greece, when people believed pearls were the tears of the gods. The oldest known pearl jewellery was unearthed in 520 BC in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess.

As previously stated, these gemstones originate within mollusks. Pearls are found in oysters in saltwater, while mussels create them in freshwater. When a foreign object, such as a food particle, enters the mollusc, it shields itself by covering it with layers of nacre. The nacre also contributes to the brightness of the diamonds. This food particle serves as the nucleus of a gem, becoming larger and larger over time when layers of nacre are deposited.

The time it takes for a pearl to form is determined by a number of factors. In general, freshwater types form far faster than saltwater kinds. Small saltwater pearls can mature in as little as six months, while larger ones might take up to four years.

Why pearls are associated with 14th February

The only priceless diamond to be formed by a living organism, the pearl is the exquisite consequence of endurance, pressure and friction between the ocean and its people; the perfect tangible reminder that "the path of true love never did run smooth".

The sentimental value does not stop there. Pearls are traditionally connected with familial love, as they are passed down through the generations—so the pearls you give to a loved one this Valentine's Day could be worn by your children's children's children one day. That's very romantic.

Pearl Gemstone Buying Guide

1. Select the appropriate pearl kind

You should be aware that there are four primary types of pearls from which to choose: Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, and Golden/White South Sea pearls. Each one is one-of-a-kind in terms of shape, size, lustre, and price. Akoya pearls are the way to go if you want traditional, white pearl jewellery that is also valuable.

2. Choose the ideal size

You must determine whether you want larger pearls for a special occasion or party, or smaller pearls that you may wear every day. The most popular pearl size that consumers choose is between 7 and 9.5 mm. Keep in mind that the greater the pearl, the more expensive it is.

3. Choose the appropriate necklace length

Pearl necklaces are available in a variety of lengths. The standard length, sometimes called as "princess length," is approximately 18 inches long. This length is thought to be ideal for a variety of outfits.

4. Understand your financial situation

Each pearl is priced differently. The cost of pearl jewellery is determined by a variety of elements, including size, rarity, lustre, craftsmanship, and so on.

5. Visit the appropriate seller.

Investigate all available vendors and select the most reliable one. Choose a dealer who specialises in pearls and has fair refund and exchange policies. Krishna Pearls, a jeweller specialising in pearls for over 37 years, guarantees all of this.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing a pearl birthstone, the lustre is the most important factor to consider. The June birthstone's glint and shine are exceptionally dazzling from all angles and sections. As a result, the customer must choose only the gleaming birthstone of the month of June. If you can't discover the lustre in the anatomy of Pearl, don't buy that birthstone.

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