My School Journal

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This journal will be used to document my time at school until I graduate, if that ever happens.

My School Journal

I'm not sure where to start with this journal. I suppose it would help to introduce myself, my name is Jay. Other names mentioned in this journal have been changed for privacy reasons. I was born the 12th of November in Honolulu, HI. I graduated as part of the Class of 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. I'm the first to graduate high school and the first to go to college right after, but I am the second oldest grandchild, and the oldest child of both my mom and dad. That's enough about me since you didn't come here for my life story, that will come at a later date though.

September 13, 2018, 9 AM

Today was the day when I would start my orientation for Pima Medical Institute. I dressed in my normal clothes; Burgundy top, with my favorite pair of jeans. I had arrived early to the school because I was afraid that my UberPOOL ride would take longer than I had hoped it would. Fast forward to when I had arrived to the school, I opened the front door, walked up to the front desk and asked the receptionist, "Hi, I know I'm extremely early but where do I sign up for the New-Student Orientation?" She replied, "Oh okay, the sign-in sheets are right here." She placed her left hand on the other part of the desk where a row of five or six clipboards sat with the different programs lined up, "Just sign your name under your program and then just a have a seat until they're ready for you." So, I went ahead and signed my name down onto the Veterinary Assistant Program clipboard, and so... I waited and waited for what had felt like hours until finally... "Anyone here for the Orientation? Please line up so we can take your pictures for your I.D." When I got my picture taken, I didn't really like looking at it but I have to say my school I.D looks a little bit better than my work photo. Although, the same can't be said for all my other school I.D.'s that have come before.

After my picture had been taken, everyone for the orientation lined up at a table with one of the ladies in the Financial Aid department who then asked, "Are you paying your $25 registration fee? If not, you have until Monday (09/17/2018) to be able to pay it." I know what you're thinking, "But Jay, why do you have to pay $25 if everything is included in your tuition i.e; textbooks, scrubs, class fees?" Well, my beloved reader, this is my answer to your question, I have no actual clue but $25 is better than the $40 registration fee that I had to pay at the community college I attended up until June 2018. I'll write a journal about my time in community college if anyone is interested in that. I apologize that I'm rambling quite a bit.

Anyways, I signed my name and went to the cashier's office to pay my registration fee, and then proceeded to make my way to the computer lab where the orientation was to be held at. I sat in the very back of the right side of the room with a computer in front of me. As everyone filed into the room, we waited another 10 minutes for the presenter, Mrs. Pierce, to enter the room. Mrs. Pierce started to talk about how we made the right decision to attend their school. As she was speaking I couldn't help but wonder if the program that I enrolled in, Veterinary Assistant Program, was what I really wanted. I always have second thoughts about what I want to do to better my future career and make my family proud.

The whole orientation was pretty basic, we met with the administration who ran the school and they all gave their own speeches, Mrs. Pierce went over a little about how our classes work as well as externship. (Externship is where we go to a clinic within our field, in which my case is Veterinary Assistant and we shadow the people that work there to get hands-on training and a taste of what will happen after graduation.)

After the lecture was over, the administration taught us our unique username and password to use for the portal and blackboard for our grades, class schedule, and other school related resources. Once everything was all said and done they bid us all good-bye and we went our separate ways home.

End of the "Day"

Towards this section of my journal I'll just be writing about how I felt about the situations that I've been in and it will also include my thank you for reading about my rants, experience.

Thank you for sticking around until the very end of my FIRST journal! I promise that many more chapters will come with time whenever I don't have school or work. I hope you all have a wonderful day. See you soon.

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