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Learn Copywriting (It’s Not Rocket Science)

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By Wealthy GreatPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

I talk regularly about skills that are really important to learn if you want to succeed in internet marketing. But there’s one skill that really stands above the rest – copywriting.

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Copywriting is the language of sales. It’s when you use the power of your product combined with an understanding of your market and psychology to make more sales.

Learning to write copy is one of those things that seem to really scare people. They feel like it’s a skill that takes years to learn, or expensive courses, or a certain type of person who was born with the skill. That’s not true at all.

You can learn to write copy.

This is something you should really dedicate yourself to. Ideally, you should be able to write your own sales pages, email copy, squeeze pages, and more. Even if you decide you’d rather hire a copywriter in the end, you should have the ability to write copy, make tweaks to existing copy, and know that the copy you’re using is good.

Why is this so important? Why can’t you just write some words on a page and call it good? After all, your product is good… won’t people see that?

In some cases, yes. If you have a really stellar reputation with your audience then you could possibly make great sales even if you have poor sales copy. But, how will you attract a new audience? How will you make sales to those who aren’t familiar with you? How will you know if a little tweak here or a little tweak there could double or triple your sales?

Being good at writing copy is important. Yes, there are other things (like the relationship you have with your audience) that are very important as well. But, this isn’t something you should resist.

Learning to write copy can even be fun. There’s something really cool about the fact that you have the power to persuade with your words. Write your sales page “this way” and you might convert at 1%. Write your sales page “that way” and you might convert at 5% or even much more.

I think it’s very exciting that you can potentially make little tweaks to words on a page and earn a lot more money from the product you’re promoting.

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Now, let’s talk about the fact that so many people are intimidated by this process or think they don’t have what it takes. I think the belief that writing copy is hard comes from the fear of something new. You’ve learned to write articles and reports and this is a different type of writing. It makes sense that you’d be a little intimidated by it.

Another part of the fear might come from the fact that it can cost many thousands of dollars to hire experienced copywriters. If it costs that much to hire a copywriter, what business do you have even attempting to learn how to write copy? There’s clearly a lot to it, right? You think it must be very complicated… (it’s not).

I think it helps to think of copywriting skills as being on a spectrum. At one end you have those who are totally new to this and don’t know how to write copy at all and may not care to know how to write copy at all.

At the other end, you have those who have been writing copy for many years. They’ve taken courses, read books, studied under master copywriters, and written hundreds or thousands of pieces of copy.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other, though—this is a spectrum. It’s not all or nothing. No, you won’t be a master copywriter after one day’s worth of effort. But you can learn how to craft copy that’s good enough to sell. You won’t be a master copywriter after a few months, but you can craft incredible copy that converts like crazy.

It’s well worth it to learn how to write copy ‘good enough.’ It can help you earn a lot more money in your business. In fact, you might find that you very quickly learn enough to write copy that converts even better than the copy you’ve been paying copywriters for.

After all, you know your product better than the copywriter, and you have more passion for your niche and for your product than the person who’s just doing it for the money.

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If nothing else, it’s worth it to learn copy because you’ll earn more money. That’s part of the goal of being in business, right? You want to grow your business.

Good copy persuades people to buy. Good copy does something else that not many people think about—it helps you build connections and relationships with your audience.

You might never meet most of the people who see your copy and buy your product. But, your words will help them feel an instant connection. They’ll instantly feel like you understand them and know exactly what they want and need.

Words are very powerful—especially when you learn how to use them persuasively to make sales. You’ll stand out in your niche because your words have that magic to them that keeps people coming back for more.

If you don’t learn to write copy, you’ll never know what your potential for making sales and connecting with your audience is. You’ll never know how far you can take your business.

If you do learn to write copy, you’ll know how to connect with and persuade your audience. You’ll make more sales and keep people coming back for more.

You’ll be able to more fully understand your audience, which will help you make better decisions for your business overall.

Writing copy doesn’t have to be hard or scary. I hope you’re feeling pretty excited about this journey right now. In other segments, I’ve given you ideas, tips, and strategies for easily writing great copy that converts. It’s up to you to get started and use them. Study great copy in your niche, practice, and create swipe files you can refer to when you’re writing.

Get good at writing copy and your audience will be in the palm of your hand. You’ll have a skill not many people are willing to learn. Not many people even understand how important this is to learn. You’re at a huge advantage now, so run with it.

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