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In the realm of classrooms, a debate does rage, About cell phones' presence, a contentious stage.

A staggering 95% of U.S. teens possess A smartphone, their constant internet access.

By Mohd AzamPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Startlingly, 92% confessed texting in class

In the realm of classrooms, a debate does rage,

About cell phones' presence, a contentious stage.

Love them or loathe them, they're a teen's prized possession,

With stats showing their ubiquitous obsession.

A staggering 95% of U.S. teens possess

A smartphone, their constant internet access.

Educators, parents, and children in concern unite,

As they ponder the consequences, both wrong and right.

In this learning environment, the clash does arise,

Over the pros and cons, a heated compromise.

As we navigate this digital age's effects,

We weigh the advantages and drawbacks, and introspect.

The facts speak loud, for most teens disregard,

Rules against phones, their presence never barred.

Startlingly, 92% confessed texting in class,

10% even dared to text during an exam, alas!

Not limited to high schools, the distraction takes hold,

College students' sedentary habits unfold.

Research shows a lower GPA, sadly,

For those who indulge in online connectivity.

Now, let's explore the positives, the merits we find,

For bringing cell phones to school, if we're inclined.

Firstly, personal safety takes a prominent place,

Contacting your child, a comforting embrace.

Updates on plans, last-minute changes conveyed,

A text or call away, worries begin to fade.

In emergencies dire, a lifeline they become,

A call for help, ensuring protection is won.

Family crises addressed with ease and speed,

Cell phones add an extra layer, should there be a need.

Location tracking, another advantage we see,

Spot-checking ensures their safety guarantee.

Family Link on Android, or iPhone's Sharing,

To track their whereabouts, peace of mind we're sharing.

For anxious children, special needs in their stride,

Phones provide reassurance, a comfort by their side.

Public transport users find solace in its aid,

Timetables checked, worries begin to fade.

Learning opportunities, a valuable domain,

Smartphones offer answers, knowledge to attain.

Encyclopedic wonders lie within their grasp,

Research and exploration, a learning clasp.

For hesitant students, lacking in verbal might,

Their cell phones provide a confidence light.

Before they speak or share, a quick check is made,

Boosting their self-assurance, ensuring grades won't fade.

Social learning and friendships, a notable effect,

Platforms for study groups, a connection to perfect.

Subjects discussed, answers shared with ease,

Social media's educational side, a learning breeze.

Recording lectures, revising at a later stage,

Voice notes and videos, a knowledge cage.

When revision time comes, their lessons retrace,

Aiding their understanding, exam preparation in place.

Preparing for adulthood, life skills come into play,

Balancing screen time with workday by day.

Cell phones in classrooms teach discipline anew,

Time management skills, a valuable accrue.

But let's address the cons, the downsides we face,

With every opportunity, distractions find space.

A colossal distraction, they undeniably bring,

Gaming, sexting, memes, a disruptive swing.

Texting, YouTube peeks, and music to indulge,

Distractions galore, a challenge to expunge.

Bullying finds a channel, cyber harm at its core,

Embarrassing photos and hurtful words soar.

The unseen playground, where teachers can't gaze,

A dangerous concern, a reason for dismay.

Mental health suffers, digital addiction grows,

Teen depression on the rise, as everyone knows.

Classrooms should offer a break from the screen,

Banning phones, a respite, a wellness routine.

Cheating on exams, a tempting allure,

Google answers aplenty, knowledge less pure.

Risking consequences, academic integrity wanes,

Cheating undermines effort, fairness in academic plains.

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