Here It Comes

Thoughts on My Last Semester in High School

Here It Comes

It's the moment I've been waiting for since as long as I can remember, school as I know it is coming to an end and I couldn't be more excited. For so long, all I could think about is how much I dislike school, and how badly I wanted to grow up and live my own life—instead of someone else's fixed agenda. To me, school hasn't felt fulfilling. It hasn't felt like it was preparing me for the "real world;" whatever that is. But school wasn't all so bad.

School definitely taught me I don't want to be a mathematician. English class gave me some good insights on the world I live in, and it introduced me to some good books. I will always be thankful for Catcher in the Rye. There have also been some excellent teachers to guide my journey. I think I appreciate the teaching that happens outside the classroom more than inside because that's what really counts and makes a true impact on mine and other lives.

I have been fortunate enough to be in a program that takes students outside the classroom every afternoon, and gives them the opportunity and resources to start a business The IDEA Centre—it shaped me into a different person in a short period of time. I am eternally grateful. By giving students that might not be the greatest in a class a chance to explore their true interests, the IDEA Centre allows youth to know that a sheet of paper with a number on it does not define your ultimate success. What defines your success is how hard you work to pursue the thing that you love. This program wouldn't be possible without the support of the school district. Therefore, I must admit that school—at least where I'm from—is going towards a better direction. Hopefully, it will continue in this way and put pressure on other education systems to do the same.

But for me, it's all coming to an end. Unless I decide to become a teacher or district official, I doubt I will have any say in the education system. Which is kind of sad when I think about it. I feel like I could really contribute a lot to the development of a better, more efficient way of educating our youth. It just isn't my calling, you know? I'll have to push for change from the outside. Which could be just as effective. Who knows?


To school, I bid you farewell. For the most part, you've felt like a vast waste of six hours everyday. The lessons you taught me in your classes I probably won't specifically remember. I did spend a great deal of time bored and thinking of things I could be doing, so thanks for the creative thinking time! I won't miss your crowded halls. I won't miss your soul-draining bells that dictate my every move. And certainly, I won't miss your bathrooms (and the idiots who fill them).

But what I might miss that you did give me are the relationships, life teachers, mentors, and the lesson that failure is okay in the end. I know that success is determined by me, and not the piece of paper I'll receive in June. Ironically, I know this and attribute most of the other lessons I have learned to you, school. Though I dislike most of you, I am thankful for you.

What comes next is up to me to decide. Not a guidance counselor, another teacher, a parent, or a friend. My destiny is my own, and I'm ready to go get it. I realize that my life is only opening up more everyday. I am excited to feel the freedom that comes with growing up. I am excited to pay bills and I am excited to work hard to build a life of my own. I am ready to take life as it comes.

So thank you school for all you've taught me and haven't. I'm sure I can figure the rest out as I go. Even if it takes the rest of my life. Let's see what beautiful mistakes I can make.



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