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Essential Tips to Prepare for Tesol Course Online

Tesol course online can be rewarding as it can help in progressing your career and also contribute to your professional development. It is a great way of boosting your linguistic and teaching abilities.

By Amara GomezPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
Tesol Course Online

Tesol - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. After pursuing the Tesol course, one can teach English as a foreign language. Any candidate with a graduation degree in any discipline and fairly good communication skills can pursue the TESOL course. The course can be highly intensive, running full-time over two to six weeks. 

With the Tesol course online, the flexibility and convenience to pursue the course have increased. It has gained immense popularity, with more and more aspirants looking forward to taking the course. However, the preparation for the course can be tough, and the aspirants might need certain strategies to succeed.

Here’s a look at some tips that will help with Cert IV in Tesol Preparation:

  • Comfort with the learning platform

One of the first things to be done is to get familiar and comfortable with the online learning program that you have applied for. Click on the module of the course to get a brief on how the content is laid out. See how the assignments need to be submitted. Have a look at other important aspects of the online program. An aspirant who is comfortable with the learning platform will be able to focus on the content. 

  • Course structure

Before starting any course, it is essential to read the syllabus and get to know the course structure. It helps in understanding what all the modules will cover and how many assignments one needs to submit. Aspirants should also be aware of the deadlines. Check the criteria for each assignment, as it will give an idea of how you will be graded. 

  • Identify learning objectives and goals

It is important to know the course structure and expectations, along with identifying your personal goals. You must be aware of what you wish to achieve by the end of the course. It is also important to consider why you took the course in the first place. Do you wish to learn a new skill, gain confidence in the classroom, or qualify for better EFL jobs? Write down the goals and refer to them throughout the span of the course to keep you motivated and make sure that you are meeting the objectives. 

  • Create a study plan

Creating a strong study plan is important for succeeding in a self-paced course. Keep the course timeline in mind to make sure that you complete the course in a specific period. The study plan can be customized to meet your objectives. For example, if a candidate can complete the course within a month instead of three months, and it qualifies them for the work promotion, the deadlines can be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Good study environment

When pursuing an online course, candidates have different ways of learning. While some prefer complete silence, others find it easy to learn with music. Aspirants can find out the right technique for learning which suits their needs. The following tips can come in handy while pursuing an online course.

- Try to limit the distractions by keeping the phone away. Non-course related webpages and apps on the computer should be kept closed to avoid distraction and wastage of time.

- Take at least 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted study time so that the module can be completed fully. It helps in studying efficiently and absorbing the information in a better way as compared to studying in smaller instalments.

- Prepare the space where you study beforehand and grab all the essentials such as notebook, pen, laptop, charger, and course material. 

  • Benefit from your specific learning style

Everyone has a specific learning style, and it should be leveraged to engage with the course content. For auditory learners, reading the material aloud can help. If you are an avid reader, research the module topic and go through the supplements and materials for course completion. If possible, discuss with friends and family what you have learned and whichever content resonated with you. It also helps with revision.

  • Participate in discussion communities

Online learning doesn’t mean one has to learn in isolation. The aspirants can use the course discussion boards to interact with others who are pursuing the course. It also helps in getting feedback and discussing ideas. Reading other's insights and contributions can inspire and offer an in-depth understanding of the course. You can also get answers to your queries by posting questions. 

  • Use additional resources

Apart from getting help from the tutor and discussing with fellow aspirants, you can also go through additional content available online or elsewhere. There are grammar resources and recommended books for further study.

Taking the Tesol course online can be rewarding as it can help in progressing your career and also contribute to your professional development. It is a great way of boosting your linguistic and teaching abilities. With the help of these study tips, the aspirants can come out with flying colours in the Cert IV in Tesol exams. Working as a Tesol tutor can be rewarding personally as one can benefit from the plethora of job opportunities across the globe.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 8 months ago

    Great work! Fantastic job!

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