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Top Challenges Facing Project Managers

When a team tries to complete a project, it is likely to come across different challenges which may disrupt the realization of various parameters of success.

By Amara GomezPublished 12 months ago 4 min read
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Managing a project is like a Juggler's act. It has so many aspects to handle for the project manager. It is successful only when it meets all the agreed needs, sticks to the planned budget, and finishes on time.

When a team tries to complete a project, it is likely to come across different challenges which may disrupt the realization of various parameters of success. It is the Project Manager who is responsible for anticipating potential obstacles, executing solutions and creating contingency plans for overcoming any troubling issues that may arise.

Thus, the process of project management (PM) can encounter many challenges, and the primary role of the project manager is to solve such issues. Following are some common challenges and how to deal with them, which can be learned by attending diploma project management online:

Scope creep

This is an issue that emerges when the scope of a project grows beyond its originally defined goals. It occurs typically when some stakeholders demand tweaking of the project. Any changes to the plan of the project can result in confusion, push up the cost of resources and render it tough to adhere to deadlines.

Avoiding scope creep can improve the chances of meeting project deadlines and complying with budget limits. For stopping or preventing scope creep, the following things can be done:

  • Clear definition of project needs and objectives at the start
  • Creation of scheduling of every step of the project
  • Involving stakeholders like clients in the planning of the project
  • Use of software tools for planning and tracking of project
  • Communicating to stakeholders how changes in project scope can impact budget and deadlines.
  • Refusing to make changes to the project can result in too many costs and inordinate delays.

Poor communication

As per Forbes, it is the numero uno reason why projects fail. Whether it is miscommunication, ineffective communication or a total lack of communication, it can seriously derail the project.

Though good communication seems like a simple issue, it is a tricky aspect. It involves not just the project manager and his team but also every stakeholder of the project for the smooth flow of the project.

 In case of poor communication, there results in poor or little collaboration, a failure to meet deadlines and incomplete assignments. There may be a repetition of tasks when Person A does not know that Person B has completed these. Thus, time, money and effort are wasted.

The solution is thus to set up clear communication channels in the company. It should begin with the stage of project kick-off. It is the chance to define goals and objectives, outline tasks of team members and open the floor to clear doubts.

Next, set up the specific communication channels for the project, whether team members wish to communicate with Zoom or Skype or phone calls etc. Whatever the case, for a successful project, all linked to the project must be kept in the loop all the time.

There is even PM software that is an asset to promote effective communication. Such tools permit you to track deadlines and the progress of the project and give direction to the team members. For instance, if a specific person has neglected a certain task, he or she can be pinged within this software.

Hazy goals and objectives

For the success of a project, the team must have measurable and well-defined goals to work for. In the ideal scenario, every team member is aware of all project objectives and the expectations of stakeholders regarding these. Or else, the team members will waste time on aspects that yield no value.

There are many solutions. Start with the SMART method of setting goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. This method can help project managers set goals that steer the team and its members towards the successful delivery of projects.

Another way to help is by breaking the project down into small stages, steps, or simple tasks. Such tasks can then be assigned to the right persons. Learn this method through the Diploma of Leadership and Management online.

Unworkable deadlines

Another challenge facing a Project Manager is setting impossible deadlines. This is another aspect of the poor setting of goals and objectives of the project. Like goals, time deadlines serve as guides to divide the project realistically and keep track of progress all along the way.

When such deadlines are set that are totally unworkable for the employees, it not only impacts the team's morale but also whether the project is successful. When employees try to accommodate their work into an impossible or unrealistic deadline, they are bound to feel the burden of failure on their shoulders.

Deadlines will be more realistic when the manager sets realistic goals at the start of the project. It is also good to use PM tools and a methodology that permits you to make superior estimates. The latter helps to avoid unrealistic and problematic deadlines.

In sum, these are the significant challenges facing Project managers and how to solve these. Even the most well-qualified managers will face such obstacles in the project lifecycle. Thus, PM is a complicated process and demands leadership of substantial calibre.


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