Do Portable Classrooms Impact Teaching and Learning?

by Jack Botsford 9 months ago in student

Impact of Portable Classrooms on Teaching and Learning

Do Portable Classrooms Impact Teaching and Learning?

With the growing cost of construction materials and the limited spaces available for construction, many individuals have resorted to the use of temporary and portable structures. These structures have been used to run various businesses for a long time.

However, is it alright to use portable structures in place of classrooms? Are there really noticeable effects of using portable classrooms in the teaching and learning processes? Well, let’s go into more detail about this issue, before people and even governments venture into this new idea of doing things.

Impact of Portable Classrooms on Teaching and Learning

According to Tak Cheung Chan, of Kennesaw State University, Georgia, USA, in his Journal of Educational Administration published in 2008, there is no significant impact portable classrooms have on teacher morale, teacher perception or teacher job satisfaction.

Having noted the above on the side of the teachers who have taught students both from portable classrooms and permanent ones, one can easily deduce that teaching in both scenarios remains relatively the same.

On the other hand, no significant changes were noted on the side of the learners either. Student behavior and achievement remained almost the same. The study relied mostly on the analysis of current studies which in itself can’t be depended on too much.

However, there are some areas that might negatively affect learning and teaching when it comes to the use of portable classrooms. One area is the safety and health problems that portable structures normally pose.

Nonetheless, this cannot be used to gauge the inappropriateness of portable classrooms as there are cases where permanent structures have posed more health and safety issues than the portable ones.

Portable structures have, at times, led to loss of learning time due to the need for proper relocation plans and regular maintenance, all of which can negatively impact learning and teaching. These are however minor issues which cannot be relied on to give a verdict of which of the two structures is the most ideal for education purposes.

The convenience and versatility offered by portable classrooms cannot be underestimated either. They are less costly, easy to put together and are comfortable learning environments as they can be adjusted to meet the needs of the learners.

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Unlike most portable classrooms that are weak and can lead to health and safety issues, their products have been tried, tested and found to last for at least 35 years without major maintenance services needing to be carried out on them.

Isn’t this even more than what some permanent structures have to offer.


In this increasingly competitive world, there is a need to make maximum use of anything that comes our way. This has led to many pondering on the possibility of having portable classrooms instead of permanent structures.

However, due to lack of sufficient knowledge on whether portable classrooms can impact learning and teaching either positively or negatively, many people have held back on the thought of putting them to use.

But, as you have seen above, there is almost zero difference between studying in a portable or a permanent structure. In fact, it is even more convenient to use the former in creating study environments.

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