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By Dot StoriesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Community Builders want to grow their leadership skills by hosting Cloud Skills Challenges featuring Microsoft training content.

To be invited to join the Student Ambassadors program, students who choose the Community Builder path must complete Technical Training and reach 1,500 net-new modules completed from Cloud Skills Challenges hosted under their Contributor IDs. Registered members who meet the requirement will be invited to join the program on a quarterly basis.

Create Account

visit Microsoft Learn official website and do signup on it using your email and then procced to further steps.

What is a Contributor ID and how do I get mine?

Students who register for the Student Ambassadors program are given Contributor IDs to use when completing required path activities. These IDs help us track progress to becoming a Student Ambassador. The ID does not change during your time as a registered member.

Students who choose the Community Builder will add their Contributor ID to the ends of Cloud Skills Challenge URLs they host.

After registering for the program, students will receive their Contributor ID by email within 3-5 days. The ID will have the general format ?wt.mcid=studentamb_######, with the # signs being replaced by unique numbers.

What are Cloud Skills Challenges?

Cloud Skills Challenges are gamified learning experiences on the Microsoft Learn platform. They are fun, free interactive events which skill participants on Microsoft learning modules. Challenges can be held on their own or in conjunction with traditional in-person events.

Challenge hosts (that’s you!) build a Learn collection tailored to their community needs and then submit this collection for challenge creation. Challenge participants (that’s your local community!) complete the modules in the Cloud Skills Challenge to unlock Learn badges and move up the challenge leaderboard.

How do I build a Learn collection and submit it for challenge creation?

Creating a challenge is simple, but it does require some manual work on our part. Please follow the guidance below when submitting requests. This will help us manage the workflow.

Pick your challenge start and stop dates. Challenge start date must be at least four weeks after the date the request form is submitted.

Build your challenge collection. Collections for cloud skills challenges can only contain training modules or learning paths.

Submit your challenge collection for challenge creation using the request form

Allow 5 business days for us to create your challenge and email your url

How do I add my Contributor ID to Cloud Skills Challenge URLs?

Students will add the ID to the end of Cloud Skills Challenge URLs and then share the modified URLs with challenge participants.

Update: The workflow which sends the email with the challenge URL should automatically add your Contributor ID to the end of the URL. But, students should confirm their ID was added correctly.

What are net-new modules completed?

Net-new modules completed vs modules completed is an important distinction and challenge hosts should be mindful of the difference.

For example:

When participants complete modules which they have not completed before, this counts as net-new modules completed.

When participants complete modules which they have completed before, this counts as modules completed.

Challenge hosts should build challenge collections which participants have not completed before. This will help hosts gain net-new modules completed faster and reach the requirement for becoming a Student Ambassador quicker.

Tip: Check out the challenge leaderboard right when the challenge starts to see if participants have completed modules before.

How do I know my net-new module completed count?

Your net-new module completed count will be emailed bi-monthly for challenges which have ended. Net-new modules completed for challenges which are still in progress will not be included in this count.

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