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Best Accredited Online Courses for College Credit

Whether in need of a cheaper, freer, or less clustered educational experience, knowing the best accredited online courses for college credit is a necessary concept.

By George HermanPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Looking for college credit, but can't find the right degree that offers online courses? This is one of the most devastating issues in the current education system, yielding no support to citizens when in need of a continued, higher learning process. Pursuing a higher education is important, so you should know your options intuitively and in depth.

Whatever situation you may be in, whether low income, low grades, or simply shitty experiences at college, one must come to an inevitable decision wherein he or she decides enough is enough, and averts to online college courses, so as to be better focused, more financially savvy, and away from the school drama. Yet, sifting through every necessary course is frightening, to say the least.

Fortunately, the following are the best accredited online courses for college credit. Depending on what kind of programs you eventually go for, make sure your school is accredited before enrolling.

Social Science

As one of the most important forms of education, social science helps online college students determine the basics of communication, group activity, culture, and human connections.

Offered online at many varying schools, social science can be your ticket to an employment in anthropological sciences, making it one of the best accredited online courses for college credit. Enrolling into this degree requires a certain perspective on sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, and the foundation of general education.


Obviously, an online education in mathematics is provided at many online schools and has very few requirement programs that make it difficult to really get the best out of your education.

After enrolling into mathematics, students will learn anywhere from the basics, like algebra, to the extremely difficult, like statistics and calculus. As one of the best accredited online courses for college credit, mathematics is perfect for those who are extremely well-gifted and know their math as if it were a second language.


IT is a fast-paced and ever-expanding mode of education. Many online courses in technology are offered all around the country, and the requirements are very lenient. Depending on your particular program, enrolling in technology can give you highly necessary insights, like computer analysis, programming, coding, and more.

Technology has very few requirements and is particularly an interesting concept of study. These courses can easily be found in many different online schools, making it one of the best accredited online courses for college credit.


One of the best accredited online courses for college credit is actually a degree in multiple languages. Students enrolling in this category will be well-versed in Spanish, and many other languages, depending on the offered programs.

Overall, language is an important degree to have, since it can be used as employment for the UN, speech teaching, translators, and the like. Online language courses can be found in both credit and non-credit programs all over the country.


Students that enroll into the online humanities degree will be taught powerful lessons of communication, philosophy, history, and government. As one of the best accredited online courses for college credit, humanities can give you a perfect balance of art, understanding human emotion, and historical context.

Programs with humanities tend to dole out lesson plans pertaining to history, politics, and previous experiences that will greatly improve your ability to see history in an alternative frame of mind. Humanitarians think outside of the box, and given a degree in humanities, you will be able to strive for any work your heart desires.


An education in science will lend students a wide berth of options in the form of biology, physics, astronomy, and more. Taking any one of these programs online won't be easy, but grasping all of the information given is key for a healthy and continued education.

In science, students will go over such requirements as general chemistry, nature and environmental science, anatomy, physiology, and much more. These are the highly motivated and well-trained lab coats of the future, making science one of the best accredited online courses for college credit.


The single most important form of communication and overall form of language, english, and the studies revolving around literacy, can greatly help you in anywhere from portfolio management, to compositional writing. Students will be able to boost their communication skills, rhetoric, and writing in more ways than one.

Online courses that offer english can be extremely important in the long run, because english is so versatile and readily available. You can practically work in any industry with an english major, which makes it one of the best accredited online courses for college credit. It's one hundred percent offered at all of the top private universities in the USA, so you shouldn't have a problem finding it in online courses.


As one of the most important concepts of the modern age, business is by far a necessity in today's knowledge pool. And, lucky for you, it's also one of the best accredited online courses for college credit, which means you can start leaning it right this very moment.

Business can't be self-taught, nor can it be deciphered through immense reading, meaning one must have an education in the tricks of the trade, which makes online business courses a must if you're expecting to enter that particular industry.

Health Science

Health science courses offer insight into sports and psychology, how healthy dieting and weight training go hand in hand when preserving muscle and strengthening overall energy gain.

As one of the best accredited online courses for college credit, health science is perfect for those who are trying to learn the fields of nutrition, sports dieting, healthcare, and more, all while receiving college credit.


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