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A Few Memorable Moments that Could Only Happen in Plattsburgh

by Rich Monetti 6 months ago in college

The Time was Ours

A Few Memorable Moments that Could Only Happen in Plattsburgh

Movie Night

Hawkins Hall

We all probably had that one person at Plattsburgh who we were totally in sync with. We knew what the other person was thinking before they did. One such couple in my group outshone us all. In this case, movie night did the telling, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had the rest of us rocking in our shoes. Of course, our boys were hitting on all cylinders, and there were just as many laughs from the screen as there were from our seats. The preeminent moment took place as Indy and Willie began acting on the obvious sexual tension and did their dance all those years ago. “I'm a scientist. I like doing research on certain "nocturnal activities,” Harrison Ford is all cool.

So Willie matches in kind. “You're dying to come into my room, aren't you?” she gloats and our boys were gearing up.

But she over plays her hand, becaause our hero ain't that easy. "You want me so bad, why don't you invite me,” Indy counters, and the potential tryst descends from there. “Five minutes... you'll be back over here in five minutes,” Willie takes the high ground, and as the temptress closes her door, the Plattsburgh duo became one. In other words, they voiced - in stereo - what every guy in the theater was thinking and knew from personal experience.

“Wack off.”

We were dying and if only Willie and Indy had that kind of chemistry.

It's Personal

92 Court

Given the social media saturation of our lives, the Cardinal Points probably doesn’t run personals anymore. So for you kids out there, that’s a short cryptic note in the school paper, where only the participants get the joke.

For our purposes, I was at a party at 92 Court, and me and Pete were the last remaining holdovers. As it were, our invitations were extended by the two girls hosting the party. Pete did work out a far better deal than I did, though.

In other words, his stay came without any stipulations, and my mandate only called for cuddling. Sorry, the friend zone had long been established, but the riot act was read nonetheless. “You better not try anything Rich,” she implored

I was more than amenable - even as I jealously endured the festivities taking place ten feet over. So I held my “friend,” but as the case often was, I couldn’t sleep. Finally, I had enough, and with the room asleep, I foraged around in the dark for my shoes and was on my way. However, I did leave something behind, which I completely forgot about until the personals came out.

Hey Pete and Rich, so glad you stayed after the party… PS, Please come pick up your socks Rich.

I dare anyone to top that in a Instagram Post.

She Got It

In Plattsburgh, some people got it and some didn’t. Yes, you were there to complete your studies and carve out a life for yourself. But not so fast, other things were also important. If you doing it the right way, you played played intramurals, you were at the parties every weekend and downtown always followed. You also spent a good deal of time on the third floor of the library. Studying, of course, but your presence took plenty of time to socialize and get with the program.

She probably always got it, but not until senior year did I see her turn toward my specific orbit. Her little group of friends began intersecting with mine, and I quickly realized that a collision course was necessary. Yes, she was cute and that’s always a motivation. But there was something about her mischievous smile and laugh that demanded I meet her. On the other hand, going up to her and saying hello would not befit someone of her standing and understanding.

So I was making the daily rounds at the library, and as I saw her, it hit me. I made eye contact, and threw my hands up in the air like I just won an intramural championship. I also have no idea what her reaction was because I just kept walking. Hey people, I know what I'm doing. She got the same greeting going forward until there was nothing left to do but have a little sync of our own. A triumph and a connection that lasts to this day.

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