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8 major scams involving the entrance exams, be sure to beware!

Attention Candidates and Parents

By Flagler DanzigPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
High School Entrance Examination

Facing this life-changing exam

All candidates and parents have made the most adequate preparation

But the candidates are not the only ones concerned about the college entrance exam

Some people are watching and moving...

"The answers to the exam questions!"

"Sell cheating devices!"

"Early score inquiries!"

"Early admission to colleges!"

These words for the candidates

Are they tempting?

But remember the greater the temptation, the

the deeper the trap

Every year before and after the college entrance examination

is the high incidence of fraud cases involving college entrance exams

Are you clear about the common fraudulent schemes?

Today, I will take you together to understand the things of college entrance examination fraud!

The first major category: is pre-examination fraud

01 scam 1: I have "college entrance exam answers"

Cheating devices

"The question teacher took care of it!" "This year's college entrance examination and missed the question!" "We have special channels, every year can get the real questions!" These are the common words of scammers, the purpose is to lure you into the bait. Many unscrupulous people will also create phishing websites, including several "user praise", and even send banners, thank you letters, and other false information, when you contact the site, the site will often ask users to pay in the name of "prepayment deposit", or use The only purpose of sending illegal links to users in the name of sending "sample question papers" is your "money bag".

The police tip: high school exam questions are top-secret information, leaking test questions is never possible, do not have fluke psychology in the online purchase of the so-called exam questions answers, to criminals can take advantage of the opportunity. At the same time, the purchase of the answer to the examination itself is suspected to be illegal, do not try.

02 Scam 2: I am a "high school exam shooter"

"50,000 yuan, package you on the key!" "The fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. "The fact is that you will not be able to find out. . The scammers falsely claim that they or their acquaintances can be the "gunmen for the college entrance examination", as long as they pay some fees in advance to help you get good grades. When you pay the fee, you find that the shooter becomes a ghost and disappears. The first thing you need to do is to get ready for the next one.

★ Police tips: to enter the college entrance examination must go through strict identification, closely verify the permit, ID card, and even face recognition, want to muddle through is impossible. For participation in the college entrance examination for the "gunman" students, all by the provisions of serious treatment; suspected of a crime, transferred to the judicial organs to pursue legal responsibility.

03 scam 3: I picked up the "pass" "My friend picked up a pass." "Seek diffusion, anyone knows?" "Help his hand to leave a residual fragrance!" Fraudsters will edit false information and spread it widely in the community, with contact numbers or illegal links. Because of the lifelong importance of the candidates, many enthusiastic people will forward to promote, "examination point: a middle school, examination room: 032, seat number: 015" this information just and around relatives and friends home candidates have similar, will call or click on the link to confirm, the result is step by step into the fraud trap. ★ Police tips: unfamiliar links do not point, and unfamiliar phones do not play. After clicking on the unfamiliar links, the virus Trojan horse will invade your cell phone and steal your information. The unfamiliar phone may also be a foreign sucker phone, once you call the phone may pay high phone bills.

04 Scam 4: Sale of "cheating equipment"

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of cheating and to ensure that the equipment can pass the security check of the college entrance examination, and promises that during the examination there will be "examination experts" to help answer, synchronized delivery of answers to help candidates pass the examination.

★ Police tips: security measures for the college entrance examination are becoming more and more perfect, the examination points will use electronic shields and radio detectors, and other equipment to strengthen the management of the examination room, and strengthen the network and SMS management during the examination; and according to the Ministry of Education issued the "National Education Examination irregularities," the examination cheating will be canceled the results of each subject.

The second major category: is post-exam scams

01 scam 1: you can "check the score in advance"

"I can help you check the score." "Prepare in advance, take advantage of the opportunity!" After the exam, many candidates and parents are suffering from the torment of the score, at this time the fraudsters will send a group SMS through a pseudo-base station, saying that you can check the results of the college entrance examination, with a web link. To check the scores, it is essential to fill in information such as ID card, examination card, name, cell phone number, and bank account number attached to it, either cheat you out of the money in your bank card or sell your personal information. Of course, the virus implantation will not escape.

★ Police tips: college entrance examination check scores must be carried out through the designated official channels, other ways are false behavior. Do not feel free to click on links of unknown origin.

02 scam 2: big data precision filling volunteer

"accurately fill in the volunteer, not a point of waste" "volunteer is to solve the employment" "to understand the future development, find the right application for the popular" every year on the eve of the college entrance examination volunteer application, there are always intermediaries or websites The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The police tip: the local education department has made it clear that there is no cooperation with any social nature institutions or enterprises, the business so-called "internal big data" is a pure rumor, and is nothing more than a marketing slogan.

03 scam 3: college entrance examination "fill in"

"The actual "internal data" is a pure rumor. The fact is that you can get a good deal of money by spending money to get the candidates to get a replacement place, thus cheating the parents of the candidates. The suspects used various excuses before the exam to allow parents to pay money to reserve a place.

04 Scam 4: False claims of early release of grants

The fraudsters take advantage of the economic difficulties of some candidates at home, claiming to be staff of colleges and universities or the Education Bureau, which can issue grants in advance to candidates with difficulties or excellent results, and then not receive it will expire, and then the fraudsters direct the victims to transfer money.

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